Living up to the Hype
New Mequon fitness studio focuses on boxing

By Sheryl Popp - Special to Conley Media

Jan. 29, 2019

 Staff and clients at Hype Fitness in Mequon gather after a recent workout.
Photo by Sheryl Popp

MEQUON — HYPE is an acronym for “heighten your performance everyday.”

Kick boxing instructor and business owner Jordan Semevolos said he came up with the name for two reasons. “I have always believed in finding a way to improve myself every day – and, if you don’t hype yourself up, no one else will.”

Semevolos came to the area to attend Concordia University Wisconsin, where he was on the wrestling team. He obtained a degree in youth ministry, then accepted a job that was offered to him at his gym. He co-owns the new fitness center in Mequon with partner Erica Lampert.

“I had never worked out a day in my life until four years ago,” said Lampert. “I had gym class anxiety and was totally uncoordinated.”

She joined the gym where Semevolos worked and began to learn standard boxing and kickboxing. Her coordination and overall health improved. Discussions with Semevolos led the pair to consider branching out on their own, and operating a fitness center that focused on boxing.

Lampert works behind the scenes and handles financials. Semevolos does all the training. The business opened mid-November and within a month, had 30 members. Over a period of 40 days, a warehouse was converted to a freshly painted studio, with “hangmen” suspended from the ceiling to hold boxing bags, space for sparring, stretching and strength and endurance training. Classes are just under an hour, beginning with a warm up, followed by strength training and endurance training. Boxing and kickboxing follow. The workout is intense, but quick breaks are taken every three minutes. Members work with the punching bags and spar with Semevolos, who rotates from one to the next in quick succession.

 Jordan Semevolos, left, co-owner of Hype Fitness, works with Cedarburg resident Shannon Schultz.
Photo by Sheryl Popp

Membership is offered month to month, or for a full year, which builds in a discount. Punch cards are also available with a set number of classes. Everyone’s first class is free.

“It has happened that some people can’t commit after one class,” said Lampert, “and we are happy to let them come back and try again.”

Generally, there is little hesitation once a prospect works out with Semevolos. People of all levels of fitness, weight and age become converts to his workouts and rave about them.

“We have had professional fighters and people who have never trained at all,” said Semevolos. “Everyone does the same workout, but it’s done at their own pace. Most people realize they need to work out, but they don’t like cardio. This makes it fun and they don’t have to be on a piece of machinery staring at the wall. Plus, this is a very safe place to get this type of workout.”

Semevolos said one important aspect of the business is that it’s not a chain. He believes people place value on other independently owned businesses. With so many chains and franchises around, he thought there should be a locally owned fitness center.

“Everyone here is becoming a family,” he said. “Everyone supports and encourages each other.”


Hype Fitness
6000 W. Executive Drive, Suite C Mequon

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