Third phase of Lumberyard 1505 to get underway soon

By Melanie Boyung

Jan. 29, 2019

 Townhouses are in store for the next phase of the Lumberyard 1505 development in downtown Grafton. The site already includes apartments as well as a coffee shop and dry cleaners. Sahale Ale Works brewery is expected to open in summer 2019.
Image courtesy of the village of Grafton

GRAFTON — The Lumberyard development continues to lumber forward, as the development has entered the first stages of another phase.

The Grafton Plan Commission last week took up several items to pave the way for Lumberyard 1505’s third phase, which is set to be a townhome building with six units.

Plans submitted to the village show a three-story building. The ground floor is garages – each unit will have its own – and the first and second floor are the living spaces.

Design plans show each of the six townhomes will be two-story spaces. The exterior of the building continues the colors and design of the rest of the Lumberyard development.

There was not a great deal of discussion on the Lumberyard during last week’s Plan Commission meeting. Community Development Director Jessica Wolff said the Plan Commission was amenable to the townhomes.

The townhomes are a slight change from initial plans, when the Lumberyard 1505 development was originally proposed several years ago. Because of the change, Fiduciary Real Estate – which runs the Lumberyard complex that already has apartments and the commercial spaces on the first floor – had to come to Plan Commission.

Lumberyard 1505 is in a planned unit development, which creates a specific set of zoning rules for the property rather than just the underlying zoning.

“The initial concept plan showed an outline for an office building,” Wolff said.

Wolff noted last week that the office building idea was never formalized or detailed, but just a concept when the development and its design began. The lot it’s being built on is turning out to not be suitable, Fiduciary changed over to a smaller-scale townhome.

“The issue is the lot is really too small to accommodate a significant office development, so the Plan Commission supported the change,” Wolff said.

The Plan Commission approved amending the planned unit development to allow townhomes on the property, as well as approving the conditional use permit for residential units and the site plan for the building. The planned unit development amendment will have to go forward to Village Board for final approval, which is scheduled for Monday.

The townhomes will be rented units. According to the information Fiduciary submitted to the village, they do not have a solid timeline for when construction will begin on the third phase, though they intend to be finished and prepared to open in fall of 2020.

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