First full-service dermatology clinic in West Bend is open for business

By Brianna Stubler

Feb. 1, 2019

WEST BEND — Dr. Burt Steffes recently brought the first full-service dermatology clinic to West Bend when he opened his practice, Dermatology and Cosmetic Physicians, S.C.

His Continental Drive clinic filled the vacancy after Healing Elements Day Spa relocated nearby.

Steffes is leasing the location with an open contract he said will allow him to stay as long the location best suits his business.

“We’ll be here for a while — we’re not going anywhere,” he said.

After working as a dermatologist in Fond du Lac for nine years, offering dermatologic and cosmetic surgery as well as general dermatology, Steffes decided to open his own practice.

Finding a high-quality building that was the right size and in an optimal location were top priorities for Steffes.

“I matched what we’re trying to do with the business — offering excellent care and an exceptional business,” he said.

He spent time driving around the city and called some realtors he knew, one of whom recommended the vacancy on Continental Drive he now leases. It is still close enough to drive from Fond du Lac daily, he said, and considering the market in West Bend looked good and it is a nice community, he decided to open his clinic.

“From a medical perspective there’s more than enough people in the surrounding area,” Steffes said. “It’s a growing area; there’s growth here.”

Another consideration was filling a niche, as there are no dermatologists in Kewaskum or Hartford.

“There is a lack of dermatological care in this area and I thought there’s enough population to support having a clinic here,” he said, “so for me it looked like a good business choice.”

Steffes is a board-certified dermatologist who does all the treatments himself, which he said is different from some clinics where treatments are not always offered by a certified doctor. From medical dermatology to acne, rashes and hair transplants to botox, Steffes said he seeks to help a range of clients. He has performed more than 3,000 skin cancer treatments without surgery, and said he works to bring advanced care in one facility.

Currently, he is the only physician, but his practice has room to grow. There is enough room for two full-time physicians, Steffes said, and he could add to his four-person staff while remaining in the same building.

“We’re growing a little bit every day,” Steffes said. “And we’re looking forward to continued growth as more people find out about what I do, the care we provide and what we can do to help people.”