Statements of the skin
Body art and piercing shop settles into Grafton

By Sarah Rennicke - Special to Conley Media

Feb. 12, 2019

Frederick “Fritz” Meyer brings 10 years of tattoo experience to WisconSkin Ink,
which he recently opened in Grafton.
Photo by Mark Justesen

GRAFTON — WisconSkin Ink is a body art and piercing parlor with a penchant for the extreme, expressive and odd.

It boasts marvels like animal-shaped jewelry, carved skulls and specimens, permanent makeup and piercings along with body art. And it’s the first of its kind in Grafton.

Owner Frederick “Fritz” Meyer brings 10 years of professional tattoo experience and passion for art and oddity to 1309 Wisconsin Ave., after previously managing a shop in West Bend for the last eight years.

Art has always been in his blood, with both parents crafty and artistic. Meyer’s first introduction to body art came from his uncle, whose tattoos he and his sister would admire when he came to visit. They both said they would be tattoo people when they grew up; his sister owns Maverick Tattoos in Barton.

While serving in the military, his talent and passion for drawing led him to design tattoo ideas for fellow servicemen and women. Once done with active duty, he dabbled in personal training and tattooing. Meyer found traction in the tattoo world and decided to fully pursue it, first in Louisiana and then Wisconsin.

Meyer said he’s pleased with the search and effort to find the right place for WisconSkin Ink.

“It took almost a year from finding the property I liked to opening the doors,” he said, adding that finally arriving at operation “feels like a pretty cool accomplishment.”

Especially since it is the first tattoo and piercing parlor in Grafton. They’ve received a welcome reception from the neighborhood.

“Grafton has been super supportive,” said Meyer. “Everyone seems to be happy to finally have a local body art establishment.

“Everyone seems to be interested in how you’re doing. It’s a really awesome experience having the neighbors we do,” he added.

A wall at WisconSkin Ink, 1309 Wisconsin Ave. in Grafton, includes an eclectic display of artifacts.
Photo by Mark Justesen

Customers can expect a comedic and lively experience at WisconSkin Ink. The inside of the building is set up like a mad scientist’s laboratory with a Victorian-era feel, fitting with the shop’s motto: Be Yourself.

“You have the right to be comfortable here,” said Meyer, adding that one of the best attributes of the business is that he and his staff and customers can be at ease in their own skin.

“The freedom of expressing yourself artistically and it being considered ‘work’ is awesome,” he added.

There’s also more than just the surface of skin and body.

“Tattooing art has a therapeutic benefit,” said Meyer. For him, it’s being able to express himself through an image to release the emotions of being a paratrooper in Afghanistan and serves as an important outlet for ways that wouldn’t otherwise be discovered.

The facilities at the shop include an antique barber’s chair.
Photo by Mark Justesen

Meyer has also been able to combine hobbies at the shop, hosting a collection of “oddities”: preserved insects, reptiles and other animals, legally obtained human specimens and animal skulls. It’s a morbid museum with a full array of macabre items for sale.

While Meyer makes it a fun and eccentric setting, he’s sharp and professional with the business. “Our sanitation standards are taken very seriously,” he said. “We may be silly, but safety is our number one concern.”

Making statements on skin – it’s still fun.


Appointments can be made on Wiscon-Skin Ink’s Facebook page: Send inquiries with reference pictures. They will respond back with an approximate price quote.