Developing strategy for downtown
West Bend advisory group to meet Monday morning

By Melanie Boyung

Feb. 24, 2019

The Commons Task Force will meet Monday to continue to develop its strategy project for promoting success in downtown West Bend.

The Commons Task Force is a subcommittee of the Downtown Business Improvement District Board. Last fall, West Bend’s Economic Development Manager Adam Gitter organized an event in which college students came to the downtown, observing the space, business and customers.

During the project, the students explored West Bend, speaking to business owners, customers and residents, as well as people attending a farmers market. According to Gitter, the group then held three idea sessions, one each on public spaces, programming and storefronts in downtown, compiling the information they gathered to be used in creating strategies to attract more business and people to West Bend.

“Now we must digest the information ... . Figure out what we have and what we can do with the downtown,” Gitter said.

Gitter said downtown West Bend is doing well; there are not many vacant spaces and progress has been made. Much of the focus is strategizing how to draw in traffic, bringing in more business, more customers and more tourism.

“The Downtown BID is already taking great leaps. This is another great thing we can do,” Gitter said.

The agenda for Monday’s meeting includes discussion items for formulation of goals, extraction of information and set necessary timelines. Gitter said extraction is going through the information, which will take time, to organize everything they have into plans for the three categories: public spaces, programming and storefronts.

Once plans are formed through the Commons Task Force, the group will be able to enact strategies to promote the downtown.

The meeting will be held at 8:30 a.m. Monday at the downtown West Bend Association, 215 N. Main St., Suite 109.

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