First Bank Financial donates $1,500 to Arrowhead wrestling team
Money to be spent on tournament trips and more

Freeman Staff

Feb. 27, 2019

HARTLAND — First Bank Financial Centre in Hartland donated $1,500 to Arrowhead High School’s Warhawks wrestling team, said Jeff Pfannerstill, village president.

Pfannerstill, whose son is a Warhawk, said $1,500 can go a long way for a wrestling team, adding that much of the funding comes from parents in the community.

“For a program like wrestling, $1,500 is huge,” Pfannerstill said. “I just thought it was fantastic that they went and did that.”

Warhawks wrestling coach Jeremy Miller said donations, whether they come in the form of volunteering or donations from businesses, are a big part of what allows the program to provide great opportunities for student wrestlers.

“If you want to do things with uniforms or make improvements to the practice or locker area etc., you need to raise money,” Miller said. “And it takes community effort to do that.”

The $1,500 will be used to fund tournament trips and other improvements in the program, Miller added.

“I can tell you that we’ve had so many parents and community members step forward and either volunteer their time or donate to make improvements to our locker room that we use and share with other programs,” Miller said. “So, the credit doesn’t go to me. It’s the coaches, parents and community that I work with.”