Tomchek's Ace Hardware expands with second location
Delavan store getting product and display upgrades

By DARRYL ENRIQUEZ - Special to The Freeman

March 2, 2019

Mark Tomchek, an owner of Tomchek's Ace Hardware on Sunset Drive in Waukesha, has expanded his business dealings to include the TNT Ace Hardware in Delavan. Tomchek and new partner, Andy Tully, purchased the store in October and they are co-owners of the Waukesha store.
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WAUKESHA - Tomchek’s Ace Hardware, a Sunset Drive business since 1986, has grown, purchasing a second store located in Delavan.

Mark Tomchek, a store owner, said the success of the Waukesha store at 212 E. Sunset Drive provided him the necessary resources to enter into a partnership to acquire the Delavan store. His new acquisition also is an Ace Hardware affiliate.

“We’d like to thank the community for its support,” Tomchek said in a joint interview with wife, Katy. “We really want to show how strong Sunset Drive is and that it’s a vibrant business community with a lumber yard, Meijer’s, Master Z’s and the Shoppes at Fox River.”

Last year, Tomchek entered into a partnership with Andy Tully, and in October they purchased the TNT Ace Hardware in Delavan, which has operated for 40 years, Tomchek said. The store was acquired from Mike Kostoff.

Kostoff had taken over operations of the store from his uncles who opened it.

The Sunset Drive store was opened by Mark Tomchek’s father, Al, and the son took over operations in 2011, he said.

Tomchek said he became involved in the Delavan store acquisition because it was “in the Ace family” and located near a major on-off ramp for Interstate 43.

“It’s on the growing I-43 corridor between East Troy and Delavan,” he said.

Katy Tomchek said it’s a short 30minute drive for Waukesha’s Ace staff, if needed, to get to the Delavan store.

The Delavan store is open while undergoing an upgrade in products and displays, she said.

The Waukesha store, too, is undergoing changes, although in a smaller scale, Mark Tomchek said. Its offering of power equipment now includes national brands, such as Milwaukee Tool, De Walt and Stihl, instead of products that primarily carried the Ace Hardware labels, he said.

And then there’s the “lightbulb revolution,” as Tomchek called it.

Andy Tully, left, and Mark Tomchek celebrate the purchase of their TNT Ace Hardware store in Delavan.
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The store’s lightbulb offerings are being modernized, he said.

Tomchek said his hardware business has thrived, in part, because of its commitment to supporting community organizations, such as the Women’s Center of Waukesha, Catholic Memorial High School, the Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation, St. Vincent de Paul and other local schools and charitable organizations.

Charity also is an earmark of the Delavan store, he said. In February, it raised $500 for the Twin Oaks Shelter for the Homeless in nearby Darien, Katy Tomchek said.