Aurora Health Care's $5M clinic to open Monday
Facility offers self-rooming technology

By Brandon Anderegg

March 8, 2019

The new Aurora Health Care clinic at 120 Chapman Blvd. in Mukwonago will open Monday.
Submitted photo

MUKWONAGO — The new $5 million Aurora Health Care clinic slated to open Monday will offer a model that eliminates wait times by allowing patients to check into their own rooms upon arrival.

The 15,000-square-foot clinic at 120 Chapman Blvd. will offer primary care, urgent care, imaging and lab services with the capacity to offer dermatology orthopedics as well as ear, nose and throat services, according to a press release.

Using Aurora Health Care’s new “Versus Badge System” technology, patients will receive a badge upon arrival and directed to a room right away, said Anne Jahnke, senior director administrator of clinic operations for Aurora Health Care.

“They can go directly back to that exam room instead of having to sit like we typically do in our waiting areas,” Jahnke said.

In combination with the badge system, the layout of the facility places physicians at the center of the clinic, which allows them to collaborate more efficiently, Jahnke said. Moreover, physicians can monitor and locate their patients using the badge system.

Another added feature is that patients will schedule followup appointments right from their exam room before they leave “so that patients are really confident when they walk out the door that every need has been met,” Jahnke said.

Aurora Health Care began implementing the new Versus Badge System in an effort to streamline health care while making the experience more centered on the patient, Jahnke said.

“What is in the best interest of our patients and how we can make sure provide excellent service and protecting patient’s privacy?” Jahnke said. “I think all those factors came into play as we decided how we want to deliver care in our new clinics.”