Vegan eatery joins 5 Joints @ 5 Points

By Cara Spoto

March 14, 2019

 Chef and newly-minted restaurateur Devon Eisel poses with some of the dishes being served up at new vegan eatery Perennial. The downtown cafe is the latest “joint” to join the concept restaurant 5Joints@5Points, 257 W. Broadway.
Cara Spoto/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA — There’s a new “joint” at downtown Waukesha’s concept eatery 5 Joints @ 5 Points, 257 W. Broadway.

Called Perennial, the eatery features a menu of vegan entrees and desserts, offering up a alternative to the barbecue served up by 5JointsBBQ, the joint that helped launch the operation.

Seated in the bright green and white section of the restaurant where her guests dine, Devon Eisel, 21, explained that she became interested in making flavorful and exciting vegan foods after starting her cooking career at age 18.

After working for a time at an American fare restaurant, serving up pizzas, french fries and burgers, Eisel, said she started getting the desire to make the kind of food she was cooking for herself at home.

“I feel people get really disassociated from where their food comes from, and the process involved in making it, and I wanted to learn more about that,” she recalled on Wednesday.

Soon after that epiphany, Eisel landed a job at Café Manna in Brookfield, where she quickly moved up from pantry to sous chef.

“They gave me a lot of creative freedom there to explore recipes, and eventually I was helping to make menu and special items. We also did a lot of prix fixe dinners,” she said.

Now that she’s is in charge of her own restaurant, the vegetarian turned vegan wants wants to show people that “you can eat healthfully, and sustainably” while still enjoying foods that “are pretty and elegant and tasty.”

On the menu

Among the dishes you’ll find on Perennial’s menu are a raw lasagna made of zucchini “noodles” or slices, sun-dried tomato pesto, a macadamia nut “ricotta,” and a green olive and basil relish. Diners are also a big fan of the pineapple curry, which is served with basmati rice, and a side of naan.

For those looking for something a little more hearty, there’s a dish that appears to be the vegan cousin of eggplant parmesan. It features fried and breaded eggplant and is served with capers, linguini and a vegan lemon cream sauce instead of the cheese. The menu also features a couple of decadent desserts, including a caramel chocolate cake with whiskey caramel sauce.

“(Vegan food) just doesn’t have to be limp salads,” Eisel noted.

With winter hours still in place, the eatery is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 1 to 9 p.m., but there are plans to expand those hours once the weather warms.

5 Joints

Designed to be a quasi-cooperative aimed at giving up-and-coming chefs the chance to build a name for themselves and their food, 5 Joints @ 5 Points is still looking for aspiring restaurateurs to join the fun.

If interested, send an email to, or call developer Terrence Williams directly at 262-225-0605.

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