Jackson is growing
Referendum, land prices, other factors causing spike in village homes, businesses

By Brianna Stubler

March 15, 2019

At least four different developments are in the works from Sherman Road north to Cedar Creek Road in Jackson. When completed, they will add 114 new housing units to the area.

JACKSON — The village of Jackson has experienced notable growth both residentially and commercially, a trend that is not slowing down, according to the village administrator.

“It’s a great area to locate; we have reasonably priced homes and we believe that there will be a new school built here,” Administrator John Walther said. “A lot of people like to come when they know there’s a new school being built.”

At both the March and February meetings, the Village Board discussed and approved builders’ plans to add homes to the community, Walther said.

The area is growing, he said, and if the West Bend Joint School District’s referendum does pass in April, he and other village officials hope that a new Jackson Elementary School will continue to draw more people to live within the village. “We believe that a new school is great for a community,” he said.

The school district’s 25-year plan, which included expectations to address Jackson Elementary, was released in 2012, so it is feasible families took note of the opportunity for a new school and reacted accordingly.

“A lot of this has been planned for the last year or so, and Bielinski (the developer) has taken a little longer than we thought, but believe me, we’ve got a lot of interest in this area,” Walther said. “We’ve had contacts from other developers. We have favorably priced areas here, so it’s an attractive location to build.”

Bielinski Homes Inc. is in the process of expanding its Laurel Springs subdivision on the north side of the village. Its next addition of 26  single-family homes will run from the north of the current subdivision to Cedar Creek Road and be implemented in two phases, instead of the original plan to do it all at once, Walther said. The next phase will add another 20 homes when they’re needed, for a total of 46 lots.

All communities like to grow, so this is a positive indicator for the village, Walther said, and while he cannot comment on the specifics until they’re finalized, there are contracts in the works to add even more housing.

The Bielinski project has been ongoing, he said, so the recent board approval was just the next step, with June as the approximate start date for the next phase.

This week’s board meeting approved the next step for another residential project; Cobblestone Meadows, bringing 22 single-family homes to the west side of the village.

Dirk Wildt of Cobblestone Builders is leading that project, and was given the green light for his final plat.

“He’s getting ready to move on that subdivision, because all the infrastructure is in there and he’s ready to get an early start,” Walther said, which will begin as weather improves.

Another builder, JJ Merkel, is building four 12-family apartment buildings on the south side of the village just north of Sherman Road. This week he too received approval from the board; in his case, to add storage buildings behind the east side of his pre-existing development.

People are drawn from all over to Jackson for many things, Walther said; both businesses and residential homes are getting added at a steady rate.

“We have some great business parks here, in fact we have another coming to Jackson Northwest Business Park on County P that’s getting ready to go — we’ve got a concept coming in for that,” Walther said. “There will probably be more residences for that as well, so that’s going to be coming soon, north of Hasmer Lake.”

Walther said he has only heard positive feedback from residents on the village growth, which also requires an eye on public services to accommodate the additional population.

“We’re getting ready to build a public safety building and we’ve got a lot of great things going on right now,” Walther said. “We’re hoping there will be more development when we build our public safety building on the east side of the village, right around that area as well.”