Celebrating women in business
Open house at The Curious Apothecary on Thursday

By Brianna Stubler

March 20, 2019

WEST BEND — Celebrating women in business and raising awareness of their presence in West Bend is the theme of a Thursday afternoon open house. Beth Rose, co-owner of The Curious Apothecary and landlady to three other women-owned stores in her South 6th Avenue building, is holding the open house from 4-7 p.m.

“We’re celebrating the fact that they’re all women owned and wanted to bring in the community to see what each of us does and what we contribute,” Rose said.

Along with co-owner Anne Mahoney, Rose will offer The Curious Apothecary customers giveaways, raffles and specials on Thursday. Owners of Everything Artistic, She Massage and Altered State Textiles have similar plans.

“There’s something for everybody and it’s very cool that together we are all women; it just gives it something special,” Rose said. She would love for people to come for one thing and stay for another and see the building as she does; for the small community it is.

“We’re all very connected and came together right away — instead of having competition or cattiness we all pulled together and decided to work together to support one another and bring attention to the others’ businesses,” Rose said. “We message each other frequently, we share ideas and try to collaborate and work together as a team; as one big unit.”

It may help that they each offer West Bend something different so they aren’t in direct competition, but more than that, the women themselves make their businesses shine. Their personalities have led to their success, as customers glowingly report. Rose said so far everything has gone very well for this woman-led coalition.

“We got really lucky all the women involved are so happy to help other people and so excited to be there,” she said. “The goal wasn’t to have only women, it was to have a little community within the building, and we’ve done that.”

Shoppers of West Bend appear to have returned their enthusiasm by voting with their money, which Rose said makes it a great place for entrepreneurial spirit to grow unique ideas.

“Shop small and supporting local businesses who are working really hard seems to be a theme here in West Bend,” Rose said. “People seem excited by it and willing to go out of their way to find and support these places.”

Based on her experiences as both a business owner and landlady to several successful businesses, she encourages curiosity and taking a chance on starting a company.

“If there’s something you really feel like you need to do, go for it and know there’s other women in the community willing to support you,” Rose said. “And we have one room left, so if there’s any woman out there who wants to join in, we have space.”