CBD dispensary to open in Cedarburg
Erth Dispensary to take over Glad Rags building

By Laurie Arendt

March 21, 2019

Erth Dispensary will open in the storefront that has been home to Glad Rags retail shop for many years. The new store will open April 20.
Photos by Mark Justesen

CEDARBURG — Jennifer Kawczynski said there’s an obvious reason why she and her family chose Cedarburg as the second location for Erth Dispensary, a business focused on cannabidiol and hemp-based products. “We have so many customers out in that area,” she said. “We were looking to get into Ozaukee County because we have tons of customers from there, but yet we wanted to be close enough to home.”

She also said that Cedarburg was a perfect location for their growth due to the number of festivals the city hosts throughout the year and other events that bring a lot of foot traffic into the downtown area.

“We are very involved in the Bay View community and business association, and we hope to build the same kind of relationship with the Cedarburg community,” she said.

As far as Kawczynski is aware, her company’s second location will be the first dedicated CBD dispensary in Ozaukee County, though she knows CBD products are available at some retailers in the county. It will be the second location for the family-run business; its first dispensary opened in Bay View this past December and Kawczynski said that the company’s products have been sold by other vendors and online for a few years.

For those who are unfamiliar, here’s the lowdown in case you are confused about cannabis: Both marijuana and hemp are members of the cannabis family, more like cousins than siblings, with very distinctive differences.

Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that produces psychoactive effects, and remains illegal in Wisconsin. The amount of THC in hemp is low, .03 percent or less, and the amount of CBD is high, thus users don’t get any sort of euphoria or high from consuming it, but rather tout its therapeutic effects. It is legal to sell and possess CBD-based products in Wisconsin.

“We are very big on education and try to have enough staff in the store to give everyone a one-on-one experience,” said Kawczynski. “Marijuana is high in THC and low in CBD; hemp is high in CBD and very low or has non-existent levels of THC.”

Users of CBD products report that it can help with a variety of issues, from relieving pain, reducing anxiety and depression to alleviating the pain from cancer treatments. Because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, some users report that it’s effective in treating acne. Finally, ongoing research is exploring other areas of the body that may benefit from CBD usage, including the brain and the heart. It can interact with some medications and does cause mild side effects in some people.

Kawczynski said that her family first became aware of CBD due to family medical reasons and can speak firsthand about its benefits.

“I think people can really relate to us,” she said.

As Erth Dispensary is a family business, once the store opens, there will often be a family member working. Kawczynski’s daughter and son-in-law will be living above the Cedarburg location, though Kawczynski herself, her husband or her mother (affectionately known to their existing customers as Grandma Bud) will be at the store.

His products made from hemp that contain CBD that are Erth Dispensary’s sweet spot. When the store opens, expect to find a variety of consumable products, from drops and edibles, vape liquid to topical and beauty products as well as pet goods, among other items. The purchase of these types of items does not require a medical marijuana card as they are not derived from the marijuana plant.

The Kawczynski family is already busy turning the building into their new location.

“It’s going to be a little bit different than our Bay View store – we’re trying to go for a little bit different look, more like a high-end boutique,” she said. Once this store is open and established, Kawczynski said her family hopes to establish its own health and wellness foundation later in the year.

“We really want it to focus on health and wellness and get involved in charitable efforts,” she said. “We are constantly doing things like donating baskets to charities, but we’d like to do more outreach work.”

In the meantime though, the next couple of weeks will be busy ones for their family as they get the store ready for its grand opening in April.

“April 20, to be exact,” Kawczynski laughed. “It’s true.”

For those unfamiliar, 420 (fourtwenty, not four hundred and twenty) is a slang word for cannabis. According to legend, a group of California high school students in the early 1970s began using it as a code word for the time (4:20 p.m.) they planned to get together to smoke pot. The phrase stuck, and was soon adopted throughout the pot community, eventually spreading through the Grateful Dead fan community and beyond, becoming part of the canon of American slang words.