'North Forty' development approved after two-year process
Project could generate $109K in tax revenue

By Brandon Anderegg

March 29, 2019

 The Glen at Overlook Trails is a 50-condominium development located off Highway K between the Mary Hill subdivision and Winkleman Road, near Jungbluth Road.
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HARTLAND — A subdivision proposed by Neumann Developments known as The Glen at Overlook Trails, which was approved at a Village Board meeting Monday night, could generate $109,900 in tax revenue, estimates suggest.

The Jungbluth family, who sold the 40 acres to Neumann for the development, had been trying to redevelop the land for 15 years, said Jeff Pfannerstill, village president.

“Hartland continues to grow and move forward, and this development will be a true part of that growth and expansion,” Pfannerstill said.

The Glen at Overlook Trails will include 50 condominiums located on 40 acres at N56-W28528 Highway K between the Mary Hill subdivision and Winkleman Road, near Jungbluth Road. The condos will be priced between $400,000 and $600,000.

The development was a point of contention for the neighboring Mary Hill subdivision because some Village Board members were concerned with how much traffic Overlook Trails would generate. This is why, in part, the number of condos was decreased from 126 to 50.

“We are excited to be through the entitlement process and on to the construction process,” Neumann said. “We hope to break ground in May.”

Tax revenue

Using $450,000 as a base price per unit, the assessed value of the development when it’s completed is $22.5 million, which equates to an increase in the assessed value of Hartland by 1.84 percent, said Dave Cox, village administrator.

Based on the current mill rate of $3.69, the development would pay about $82,900 in annual taxes to Hartland. Moreover, they would pay about $27,000 in annual taxes for debt service based on a mill rate of $1.20, Cox added. Total village taxes are estimated, at the low end, to be $109,900 for the entire subdivision.

Overlook Trails has approximately .64 miles of road, which could cost taxpayers approximately $31,000 to $58,000 in road maintenance cost, which is a part of Hartland’s total road maintenance cost of approximately $3.9 million.

However, the roads in the subdivision would not likely use every penny in the estimate, as maintenance costs shift from road to road throughout the village depending on their state.

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