Village continues to grow; referendum one of the factors
Commission approves 72-unit apartment complex

By Brianna Stubler

April 1, 2019

The Rosewood Lane street sign is seen in front of an area of development
Friday afternoon in Jackson.

John Ehlke/Daily News

JACKSON — Another sizable construction project is coming to Jackson after a 72-unit apartment complex received the thumbs-up from village officials. This continues the trend of residential and commercial development in the area, and does not appear to be the last concept plan of its kind.

The concept plan for the Rosewood Lane multifamily development was approved by the Plan Commission, which Village Administrator John Walther said is the first of many steps.

“We believe Jackson is a great place to live and work and other people are recognizing that as well,” Walther said. Some interest in the village he attributed to the West Bend Joint School District’s proposed $47 million referendum, but other strong factors may play a supportive role, including land price, location, safety and village officials’ relations with community members.

“This particular project has been looked at in the past, so I don’t think the referendum has a huge bearing on that,” he said. “It’s a nice community, people are understanding that and looking at it as a good place to work or reside.”

Regardless of the final vote on Tuesday, he expects this project to go through and others like it to follow.

“The developers are seeing that the price point for parcels in the area are low, especially looking at Waukesha, they’re much more attractive here,” Walther said.

Before the commission’s meeting, the developer, Premier Rosewood Jackson, submitted a development application for the conceptual review, including a sketch of the six buildings, each to contain 12 units. There will be parking with each unit and an estimated 55 percent of the development will be allotted for green space, according to the developer’s filed application.

No citizens addressed the commission at the meeting, Walther said, nor have any residents expressed opposition to recent construction projects.

After looking through the plan and the proposed area, the commissioners recommended to the Village Board their approval to continue, leaving it up to board members to decide on continuing to construction.

“I assume the board will approve — several designs we’ve seen in the past for this particular area have always had a multifamily component to them, and this is no different,” Walther said. “The Plan Commission believes it fits well within the location that they’ve indicated.”