Monches Farm to close retail location
After nearly 40 years, owners selling property; will become private residence

By Joe VanDeLaarschot

April 3, 2019

Angela Kish of Cedarburg looks over items in the greenhouse with Tracy Grutza of Colgate Tuesday afternoon at Monches Farm in the Town of Erin. The business is scheduled to close this year after nearly 40 years.
John Ehlke/Daily News

TOWN OF ERIN — After being in business just short of 40 years, the owners of Monches Farm have announced the business will be closing for good on June 30.

The owners, Scott Sieckman and Matt Kastell, plan to slow down in life and reduce the number of activities they take part in.

Sieckman said the property, nearly 14 acres, has been sold to a Mequon couple who plan not to operate the business. He said he was told the property will become “just a private residence.”

“We’re retiring from our retail location. We will continue Monches Farm growing plants and creating and maintaining gardens for our landscape customers only,” Sieckman said.

 Monches Farm, located on Monches Road near Holy Hill Road, has been known for nearly four decades as one of the areas’s top plant nurseries and gift shops.

“We’re getting old,” said Sieckman, who’s 60. Kastell is 56. “We want to have some time for ourselves and then we were approached with this unsolicited offer. That helped us decide it was time to sell the property, but not the business.”

Sieckman said there were many factors involved in the decision to sell, including the amount of physical labor needed to do the job.

“A lot of our crew are getting old and will be retiring soon and we’re at a point in our life where we don’t want to start out with new people and trying to train them, our greenhouses need a lot of work and we’d have to put a lot of money into the place to make it more efficient. We just decided it was easier to just sell,” Sieckman said.

Selling the property and closing the retail business, Sieckman said, is bittersweet because they have “incredible customers and we met a lot of wonderful people and we have such great employees.”

A chicken crosses the parking lot Tuesday afternoon at Monches Farm in the Town of Erin.
John Ehlke/Daily News

Sieckman said he and Kastell rent out their property at a different location for wedding or events, which they plan to still do after Monches Farms closes.

“We are also talking to the Town of Saukville to see if we can have an open house there,” Sieckman said.

Sieckman the field has changed a great deal in the nearly 40 years he and his partner have operated the business.

“The whole nursery industry has changed so much. There’s so much more competition, there’s the big box stores, and the internet has also changed the shopping experience,” Sieckman said. “Years ago, concerning plants, there were people that just collected hostas, or whatever and they would buy everyone they could get and now a lot of young people have landscapers and they don’t have that interest like antiques. Antiques aren’t as popular any more too.”