Ryan in as new president of DOBA
Oconomowoc native looks to maintain status quo

Enterprise Staff

April 4, 2019

OCONOMOWOC Christie Ryan, a property manager for Gateway Apartments on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Silver Lake Street, has been placed as the new president of the Downtown Oconomowoc Business Association.

Ryan was the vice president prior to former President Ed Matthes stepping down.

Ryan said she was born and raised in Oconomowoc and has been at Gateway Apartments for four years and with DOBA for two years.

If Im going to be working in a business downtown, I obviously want to be a part of downtown in some sense, Ryan said about joining DOBA. I found out that being part of DOBA, youre a part of all the events and everything that brings the community to downtown and helps make it thrive.

Going to meetings and being a part of event committees really put Ryan onto the association, she said.

I just really enjoy being able to go in and out of a lot of the businesses and see how fulfilled the businesses look when everyone was in the community, Ryan said.

In her new role, instead of being a part of a few select committees, Ryan said she will oversee all of them, making sure everything comes together in a cohesive manner.

We have become bigger and more known and it takes a little bit more to put on the events. Just kind of seeing from a birds eye view, I get to be involved in all that, she said.

Ryan said she is going to be looking to the other merchants for guidance.

As president, since Im new, I look to my board as mentors, Ryan said. I hope we can continue what were doing because its super fulfilling and its been phenomenal. Turnouts are great and I am looking to see what the members have to say.