That Taco Guy to return to downtown Cedarburg
Plan Commission unanimously approves site

By Laurie Arendt

April 4, 2019

CEDARBURG — Warmer weather is coming, and here’s proof: the Cedarburg Plan Commission Monday re-approved That Taco Guy’s request to locate its mobile food truck in downtown Cedarburg this summer.

The annual review and request is a formality for anyone seeking to do business in a mobile food truck in Cedarburg since the 2017 passing of the city’s mobile food licensing ordinance.

“Again, the Acostas are requesting the same site as last year, in a private driveway in downtown Cedarburg,” said City Planner Jon Censky. “They’re also going to be looking at three other sites, which are all on public property, and they need to work with Mikko Hilvo on that … those will be requested separately.”

The site That Taco Guy will be doing business on again this summer is the driveway at W63 N671 Washington Ave. Though no dates were provided at the meeting, the application noted that the truck will be appearing “less than the 12 times permitted each year.”

“They operated there with no problems last year,” said Censky, who recommended approval.

The Plan Commission unanimously agreed with the recommendation.

In 2017, That Taco Guy also received approval to operate during the 2018 season in the rear parking lot of North 48 in downtown Cedarburg and in the parking lot of North Shore Gymnastics on Cardinal Avenue. Those locations were not included in this application and Eli and Andrea Acosta, owners of That Taco Guy, will need to reapply for any additional locations to be added in 2019.

In the meantime, those that need their That Taco Guy fix can now get it at Compass Bar, 14015 N. Cedarburg Road in Mequon. A full menu is available through the bar’s kitchen.

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