German couple to open authentic German bakery
Baker Meister set to open May 10

By Alex Nemec

May 1, 2019

 Baker Meister at N51-W34922 E. Wisconsin Ave. in Okauchee. The authentic German bakery is set to open on May 10 and offer a variety of fresh baked goods, including breads, pretzels, strudels, kringles and more.
Alex Nemec/Freeman Staff

OKAUCHEE — Baker Meister, an authentic German bakery, is set to open its doors at N51-W34922 E. Wisconsin Ave. in Okauchee on May 10 to offer consumers a slew of fresh baked goods.

Michael Schuerstedt, who moved to the United States from Germany in 1988, said Baker Meister will offer strudels, pretzels, kringles, coffee cakes, butter cookies and cakes.

Schuerstedt said he started his bakery career in Wisconsin and, after a stint in Illinois, has found his way back.

“I learned my trade in Germany,” Schuerstedt said. “I was always a baker, I always loved baking. I started my bakery business here and I finally came back.”

Hans Weissgerber owns the building which was the former Pauline’s Supper Club and said the bakery will help kick off Okauchee’s downtown zoning district revitalization.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to have one place as a catalyst for more investment,” Weissgerber said. “I think Okauchee is ready to step out and get some good investments and good small business and maybe more residential and make downtown Okauchee happen.”

Weissgerber said he marketed the business to get someone to run the business and found Schuerstedt and his business in Illinois.

Schuerstedt said, “we got to this property here and I saw the area and we fell in love with it. There wasn’t a bakery and the area needed a bakery.

“The area was nice and I could see myself here retiring with my wife and have a good 20, 25 years of business.”

Schuerstedt said Wisconsin’s strong German heritage and tradition drew him and his wife, Gwendolyn, back. “The whole state of Wisconsin has strong traditions, you go down to Illinois and Chicago, it’s all about the business and not about the people,” Schuerstedt said. “Here it’s about the people.”