Renner appealing decision on WaterView Condominiums

By Alex Nemec

May 2, 2019

OCONOMOWOC — After hearing examiner John Fuchs’ decision to deny the proposed Water-View Condominiums at 517 N. Lake Road in March, Peter Renner and his attorney Don Murn have decided to appeal the decision.

“(I and Peter Renner) staunchly disagree with Mr. Fuchs’ determination, and hereby appeal the Architectural Commission’s decision to the City of Oconomowoc Plan Commission,” Murn said in a letter to Oconomowoc.

Oconomowoc City Planner Jason Gallo said the meeting for the appeal is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall.

Gallo said the appeal is a review of the record of the initial hearing and there will be no allotted time for public comment as no new information can be provided.

“They’re reviewing all of the record as well as Fuchs’ formal decision and they’re going to see if there was any reason this should be overturned,” Gallo said.

Fuchs said if the decision is upheld, the next step for Murn and Renner would be to appeal to the circuit court.

After the decision in March, Renner said in an interview with the Oconomowoc Enterprise that Fuchs’ conclusions of law were arbitrary and didn’t cite the law. Renner also cited Fuchs’ campaign to become Pewaukee’s municipal judge, a race he ended up winning.

Murn declined comment on the matter.

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