Sorrento House to replace Mama Mia’s in Wales

By Brandon Anderegg

May 2, 2019

WALES — The Mama Mia’s restaurant in Wales will bake the last loaf of its beloved garlic bread come Friday when the business closes, but a new Italian-style restaurant will take its place.

Reece Block, a former Mama Mia’s employee, will open the Sorrento House at 2000 W. Summit Ave., which is where Mama Mia’s operated for 17 years.

Block said the restaurant will feature similar styled dishes, but will also incorporate handheld finger foods that can be described as modern Italian with a twist, he added.

“A lot of people talk about the garlic bread,” Block said. “A lot of recipes may reflect a lot of what Mama Mia’s used to have, but we won’t have the exact same recipes. We’ll still have garlic bread, but it will be our own version.”

As it turns out, many of the staff from Mama Mia’s will stay in Wales and work for Block, who started at Mama Mia’s when he was 16 years old before rising to the general manager position. In fact, a chef who worked at Mama Mia’s for 16 years will also cook for Sorrento House, Block added.

“Out of any concept or restaurant ownership, what a perfect situation,” Block said. “I already have relationships with all of them so that really helps.”

Within just two weeks, the Sorrento House will already be open for business.

“The turnaround time is a lot quicker than people expected, “Block said. “We’ll be open by May 14 already.”

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