Cryotherapy business hosts grand opening
Services include massage, therapy for pain relief

By Alex Nemec

May 9, 2019

 Amelia Pelz and Adam Blatnik stand behind the counter in their business, CryoVibe.
Alex Nemec/Enterprise Staff

TOWN OF OCONOMOWOC — New business CryoVibe with the tagline “Where science revolutionizes relaxation” has opened its doors to clients at W359-N9520 Brown St.

The cryotherapy business hosted its grand opening on Wednesday after being open since July, owner Amelia Pelz said.

Pelz said cryotherapy was invented to help alleviate pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and to remove inflammation from the body.

“We first opened back in July and since then we have finally gotten all of our machines and contraptions set up and we’re ready to go,” Pelz said.

Pelz said she has a background in Chinese medicine and her business partner Adam Blatnik has a background in orthopedic massage.

“Inflammation causes all kinds of issues form every type of -itis you can get to diabetes, but there’s a lot of different uses for it,” she said.

One three-minute session can help subside symptoms for a few days, Pelz said.

“You also end up with a massive endorphin release with melatonin and testosterone,” Pelz said. “It’s also balancing women’s hormones through menopause.”

CryoVibe has the only couples massage room in Oconomowoc, Pelz said, in addition to one of two cryoskin treatments in the state, the only hydration pod and one of six cryochamber facilities in the state.

“We’re putting a little star on the Oconomowoc map,” she said.