Wisconsin unemployment rate drops to 2.8% in April

Associated Press

May 16, 2019

WAUKESHA — Wisconsin’s unemployment rate dropped again — to a record low of 2.8%.

The Department of Workforce Development released the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics preliminary employment estimates for the month of April on Thursday.

The report also showed that Wisconsin’s labor force participation rate remained at 67.5% in April.

While Wisconsin’s unemployment rate in April was 2.8%, the national unemployment rate was 3.6%.

The seasonally adjusted data also showed that the number of Wisconsinites who were counted as unemployed in April stood at 88,100, a record low for the data series that dates to January 1976.

From April 2018 to April 2019, Wisconsin added 17,000 private-sector jobs, according to the data from the DWD. A total of 15,100 nonfarm jobs were added during the same time period.

Wisconsin private-sector employment and total nonfarm employment decreased 3,900 and 3,100 from March 2019 to April 2019 respectively.

“We must remain committed to equipping all individuals with the skills they need to acquire family-sustaining employment regardless of age, race, gender and perceived barriers to employment,” DWD Secretary Caleb Frostman said. “I am happy to see a record low level of unemployed individuals in Wisconsin, but we must remain steadfast. Those 88,100 individuals, and those who are not in the labor force but want to be, need our help. The skills employers seek are diverse — it is up to us to ensure that our workforce is comprised of individuals who carry in-demand skills which lead to a living wage.”