Officials OK amended Kwik Trip developer’s pact
Changes needed to meet WisDOT land requirements

By Joe VanDeLaarschot

May 21, 2019

RICHFIELD — Changes in a developer’s agreement between the village Kwik Trip Inc. should have no impact and cause no delay in the start of construction of the company’s new, multimillion-dollar store in the village on the site of a former truck stop near the intersection of Highways 41/45 and 167.

The Village Board unanimously approved the changes on Thursday.

Village Administrator Jim Healy said discussion by the board centered around the Wisconsin Department of Transportation because they were requiring the village to change the order of operations from the original developer’s agreement.

“The DOT won’t give access to a state highway to a private business for the purpose of a public road,” Healy said. “Instead of the village acquiring the property for the road after it’s completed, the village had to acquire the land before the project began. The area was proposed to be dedicated to the village after all of the road infrastructure improvements had been made. Here they have to dedicate it to us beforehand which is unusual for the village, but since Kwik Trip has given us and we’re holding $400,000 in cash in addition to the $1.3 million that we’re holding in a letter of credit to protect the taxpayers, it was decided to make the change.”

Kwik Trip officials told the Daily News that construction is still set to begin on July 15.

“The first shovels are supposed to go in the ground then,” John McHugh, Kwik Trip’s director of public relations, said. “The store is projected to open the first week of December.”

The company bought the old Richfield Truck Stop-Exxon gas station last fall and several weeks later demolition of the old buildings began. The site now is vacant. The state commissioner of railroads has also given the go-ahead for improvements needed to the rail crossing on Holy Hill Road because the road will be widened as part of work required to improve traffic around the new store and at Highway 41/45 and Holy Hill Road.

“The [railroad commissioner’s office] required an additional pavement improvement that Kwik Trip agreed to, which basically replaced the pavement between the rails,' Healy said.

As part of the agreement with the village, Kwik Trip has promised to pay $1.3 million for infrastructure improvements near the new store site. Those improvements include the changes at the railroad crossing, which had an estimated cost of about $300,000. Other infrastructure improvements along Highway 167 to be part of the project include closing a median on Highway 167 so that no left turns can be made from the right-in only access point, the realignment of the access point to the Thrifty Car Rental site (directly south) and a lighted intersection on Highway 167 that will include stop lights.

The proposed convenience store was projected to be 8,847-square-feet with an attached dumpster enclosure, gas fueling canopy, detached storage shed and a separate diesel fueling area.

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