Vintage Café closes after 14 years

By Lisa Curtis

May 23, 2019

 The Vintage Café is located at W63 N674 Washington Ave., just south of Bridge Road.
Photo by Mark Justesen

CEDARBURG — After 14 years of serving memorable salads, soups and breads to patrons from both near and far, the Vintage Café in downtown Cedarburg closed its doors for good Sunday.

The business is for sale after longtime owner Deb McQuaid said her lease was up and the time was right to step away.

“As any business owner will tell you, time and commitment are demanding and, although there are so many rewards to what I do every day, in the end I have to take care of myself,” she said. “So I am going to do that for a while and decide what will be my next chapter in life. I love being a chef and the culinary industry is so wonderful, but it’s break time.”

The café was owned for the first four years by Galiotos before McQuaid bought it 10 years ago.

She said that the assets, equipment and Vintage Café are all for sale. She has had numerous inquiries, but no one has yet committed to purchasing the Café “turn key,” she said.

The building will be open daily, selling items and equipment through the 29th, McQuaid said.

“Then it’s time to focus on cleaning up and moving out,” she said.

McQuaid said she wants to extend a thank you to her many customers over the years.

“I’ve met so many people that have supported me and the café. We've met so many wonderful people that come for lunch, daily, weekly and monthly, from local and afar,” she said. “Also, to my great staff, which is like family to me and always will be. Cedarburg is a wonderful community to do business in, and the support of my friends, employees and family through the last 10 years has been truly endearing.”