Oconomowoc gets ink'd
Brickview Tattoo opens up downtown

By Alex Nemec

May 30, 2019

 Brickview Tattoo owner John Klug, left, and employee Lucas Buss stand inside of Brickview Tattoo. Oconomowoc’s newest tattoo parlor opened April 1.
Alex Nemec/Enterprise Staff

OCONOMOWOC — You won’t see signage for it, or a board pointing you inside, but tucked in an alley at 110 W. Wisconsin Ave. between the Mann Block Building and Eagles Landing is Oconomowoc’s newest business, Brickview Tattoo.

“The entrance being in the alley adds charm to the place I think,” owner John Klug said.

Klug, a tattoo artist who got his start in Watertown, started renovating the space behind Lake Country CBD — owned by his brother Brett Klug — in January and opened in April.

Klug runs Brickview Tattoo and has one employee, Lucas Buss, to help him tattoo customers.

“I’d call my style sort of traditional American, which involves bold lines and bright colors,” Klug said. “Lucas on the other hand focuses on portraits and realism and black-and-gray styles are more his thing.”

However, neither of them is locked into their styles — it’s just what they’re good at.

“Customers get a little of both and neither of us have a problem deferring to the other if it’s something that might be better suited for them,” Klug said.

Klug said he and his wife moved to Oconomowoc four years ago and he is looking forward to working close to his home.

“Oconomowoc is a busy city right now,” Klug said. “It’s a pretty cool location with my brother being in the same building; it’s the cherry on top.”

 A few of John Klug’s drawings inside of Brickview Tattoo.
Alex Nemec/Enterprise Staff

Klug’s clients have been loyal to him while he opened, he said.

“There were some people that were waiting on me through the whole process that I had to put off and reschedule, but it was awesome seeing the clients I have gotten over the years be super supportive and excited for me,” Klug said.

Klug and Buss are currently taking appointments via phone. Klug can be reached at 920-2481455 and Buss can be contacted at 920-342-9502.

For more information on Brickview Tattoo, visit them on Facebook and Instagram.