Rogers Behavioral Health expands in Summit, West Allis
Additions made as more people seek treatment

By Brandon Anderegg

May 30, 2019

 Psychiatrist and Oconomowoc campus Medical Director of Eating Disorder Recovery Dr. Brad E. R. Smith and Vice President of Facilities Barb Whitstone discuss the reconstruction of the main lobby at Rogers Behavioral Health Oconomowoc Campus.
Brandon Anderegg/Conley Media

SUMMIT — Rogers Behavioral Health is expanding access to residential mental health and addiction treatment in its southeastern Wisconsin facilities including in Summit and West Allis.

The expanded facility and programs come at the heels of increasing waiting lists for mental health treatment, as well as demand for innovative ways to address the needs of Rogers Behavioral Health patients, said Brad E. R. Smith, psychiatrist and Oconomowoc campus medical director of eating disorder recovery.

“I think it’s a reflection of a growing awareness of mental health issues and a growing acceptance of the value and need for treatment,” Smith said. “We certainly see continuation in the growth of demands for our care and that’s what’s reflected here.”

In Summit, considered the Oconomowoc campus, the 9,000-square-foot expansion adds 62 new residential beds to the existing facility, which offers care for obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety, eating disorders, depression and other mood disorders.

The Oconomowoc facility will now offer a trauma recovery program for adults to address post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma-related disorders. The Delafield campus will serve only adults while adolescent patients will be transferred to a new and expanded area in the Oconomowoc campus dedicated to the adolescent eating disorder program, which also offers inpatient recovery.

 A portion of the second floor contains bedrooms for adolescents in the Focus Depression Recovery residential treatment program at Rogers Behavioral Health's Oconomowoc campus.
Brandon Anderegg/Conley Media

The Focus Depression Recovery residential program for adults will be expanded to complement existing programs for adults and adolescents. A new residential program will be available for adolescents with OCD, anxiety and depression.

“That’s a program that’s going to continue our strong work in regards to treatment of depression and behavior mood issues,” Smith said. “Helping people learn better ways of coping with their mood regulation issues and ways of moving forward with their life despite their depression.”

West Allis plans include adult residential treatment for Focus Depression Recovery and for mental health and addiction recovery. These two programs complement the existing 12 adolescent residential care beds for mental health and addiction recovery in West Allis for a total of 40 residential beds on the campus. West Allis also has an existing adolescent residential program for addiction.

The Summit and West Allis facility addition projects will be completed during the month of June.

In addition to residential programs, Rogers operates three inpatient hospitals in Brown Deer, Summit and West Allis with a total of 205 inpatient beds, according to a press release.