'Piggly Bank' to open no later than end of month
Westbury Bank preparing mobile facility after fire

By Brianna Stubler

June 23, 2019

 Westbury Bank is completing its mobile bank location in Kewaskum after a fire destroyed its permanent office on May 30. These trailers sit on the parking lot of Piggly Wiggly on
Fond du Lac Avenue.

Brianna Stubler/Daily News Staff

KEWASKUM — The so-called “Piggly Bank” is almost ready to open its doors to customers after the Westbury Bank fire led the company to think outside the box.

While damage is being repaired, the bank will have a temporary mobile location in the nearby Piggly Wiggly parking lot, hence the combination nickname.

The senior vice president of Westbury Bank, Lisa Dixon, said there is a long to-do list but with many hands the bank will be open by the end of June, and hopefully much sooner.

Two trailers had to be connected and fit to closely resemble its permanent predecessor, and the final mobile bank will offer almost all services as the original location. It will not have a drive-thru and there will be fewer tellers, Dixon said, but lobby hours and a night depository should serve almost all customers. While there will not be a Westbury Bank ATM machine, there is one inside Piggly Wiggly.

The Fond du Lac Avenue Piggly Wiggly location’s manager, Aaron Laatsch, said he knows the company is aiming to open as soon as possible and can see the work they’ve put in.

“We started planning with Westbury a little less than two weeks after the fire,” he said. “The owner offered the location because we can offer a lot of parking and space.”

Laatsch said this will likely help, not hurt, the grocery store.

“It probably will be a natural reaction where someone needs to pull out money and realize they need to grab a few groceries, or the other way around,” Laatsch said. “I don’t know it was planned like that but I would think this would be beneficial.”

Dixon said she knows bank employees are looking forward to the close proximity to tasty treats.

“I’ve heard staff say, ‘I’m going to gain so much weight because now whenever I get hungry for a candy bar I can just walk right over;’ I’ve heard them list all the things the store has that they like,” Dixon said. “It’s a great partnership.”

They will both get spoiled having the other so close, she said.

  Firefighters survey the damage at the Westbury Bank on Fond du Lac Avenue in Kewaskum after the fire on May 30.
Gay Griesbach/Special to the Daily News

But there are a few legal aspects to work on before the bank is ready for its first day. The Kewaskum Village Board recently discussed the temporary mobile bank structure, and Village Administrator Matt Heiser said they are working with Westbury to help it get back to business.

“The village will require an electrical permit and then issue a zoning permit,” Heiser said. “That will accomplish two things — first of all, it will make sure the village still has oversight over the process, and second they’re fairly fast and easy permits to get, which is what Westbury is looking for to get back on its feet.”

Once this and a few other construction projects are finished, the “Piggly Bank” will be ready to serve the Kewaskum community.