Al fresco at Johnís Pizzaria
Grafton Plan Commission approves new dining space

By Laurie Arendt - Special to Conley Media

July 5, 2019

GRAFTON ó Itís become a great corner to sit outside at and enjoy downtown Grafton, and last weekís approval of a patio plan for Johnís Pizzaria will expand that, at least, for pizza fans.

A request by owners Gary and Katie Parchim to add a small paver patio on the southwest side of their existing restaurant at 1401 11th Ave. required little discussion before being unanimously approved.

Commissioner Carl Harms questioned how the proposed seating would differ from that already available at the Lumberyard project.

ďThere are already tables out there now?Ē he asked.

ďThose tables are for public use outside of the Lumberyard,Ē explained Jessica Wolff, Graftonís community development director. ďYou canít drink at those tables and they donít necessarily serve out there.Ē

Though Johnís Pizzaria is tucked into the parcel immediately adjacent to the Lumberyard project, it is not part of it.

The new plan requires the Parchims to relocate their existing dumpster enclosure to the west side of the parking lot and install new fencing on the east and west sides of the planned 450-square foot patio. An existing fence from the Lumberyard project already acts as an enclosure to the south side of the space. This fencing is required to comply with existing liquor law requirements.

The patio will include two to three tables with approximately seven to 15 chairs. The space is open from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. daily, with customer use ending at 10 p.m. No outdoor speakers or live music will be allowed on the patio. According to the plans submitted by the Parchims, the patio will be constructed with paved, stamped concrete.

Johnís Pizzaria has been in business since 1984, and was started by Katie Parchimís father, John Crowley. Katie Parchim received the Grafton Area Chamber of Commerceís 2019 Outstanding Business Person of the Year Award, in part due to her continued support of the greater Grafton community. Johnís Pizzaria has served as a vendor at the indoor and outdoor Grafton Area Live Arts concerts, is a longtime participant in the Grafton Tree Lighting and a contributor to many Grafton community activities.

According to the report, the project is expected to be completed this summer and diners will be able to order food off the restaurantís existing menu.

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