Rezone signals future 240K-square-foot industrial building

By McLean Bennett

July 10, 2019

GERMANTOWN — Plan Commission members here on Monday night agreed to recommend rezoning a roughly 45-acre swath of agricultural land to make way for a proposed nearly 240,500-square-foot industrial building.

Who exactly would go into the new facility wasn’t immediately clear, though documents filed with village leaders this week said a local plastics distributor would move into a building designed to house multiple tenants.

The structure — actually part of what could be a small industrial campus on Germantown’s northwest side — would go near the corner of Goldendale and Rockfield roads. Detailed site plans for the construction still need approval, and the measure to rezone the area for industrial use (it’s currently zoned for agriculture) needs Village Board members’ thumbs-up.

But conceptual diagrams shown at Monday’s planning meeting showed a 240,468-square-foot building fronting Rockfield Road, with space to potentially build out a 75,000-square-foot expansion closer to Goldendale Road. The facility would have space for multiple truck stalls.

“We are assuming our client will have approximately 60-70 employees with the initial building proposed for development with up to potentially 100-110 employees on one daytime shift,” developers behind the proposal wrote in a filing with Germantown’s Plan Commission.

The “client” was unnamed, though commission documents described the company as a distributor of plastic containers already located in Germantown but looking to expand.

Builders could construct two tentatively laid-out additional structures — each 130,000 square feet and with dozens more potential truck stall spaces — directly south of the larger structure.

The 240,500-square-foot facility would be able to take in multiple tenants, though remarks at Monday’s Plan Commission meeting indicated only one user — the unnamed client — would be expected to use the space.

Germantown leaders have so far questioned the building’s location, noting at Monday’s meeting they’d prefer constructing the structure closer to the Goldendale-Rockfield intersection. Designs this week showed the building set far back from Goldendale, leaving space for the prospective future addition.

Domenico Ferrante, an architect for the project who spoke with Plan Commission members on Monday, said designers were planning to turn the large setback area into a temporary park-like space before possibly expanding the structure in the future.