Aesthetics pick up where surgeries left off
Remedy Now's staff doctor sets it apart

By Sheryl Popp - Special to Conley Media

Aug. 13, 2019

 Pictured are Dr. Danish Siddiqui, right, of Remedy Now Aesthetics in Thiensville and Libby Peterson, an aesthetician and coolsculpting specialist.
Photo by Sheryl Popp

THIENSVILLE — Dr. Danish Siddiqui recently opened Remedy Now Aesthetics in Thiensville. His business is part of the Thiensville Health Alliance.

The Alliance opened in 2016 and was the brainchild of Dr. Gary Lewis, a family practitioner whose vision was to have complementary medical practices and a pharmacy under one roof. Those range from massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine to physical therapy; 11 different specialties are offered.

“I have been in medical academics since 2001,” Siddiqui said. “I've chaired OB/GYN residency programs and I maintain a full time OB/GYN practice at the Watertown Community Hospital. Over 25 years in practice, I have learned a great deal from my patients, progressing from birth control to hysterectomies. More and more, they are asking for aesthetic services to correct problems.”

Siddiqui explained that while there are increasing numbers of businesses and spas offering aesthetic procedures, not many have MDs on board. After he became interested in these issues, he opened a new practice in Oak Creek, Remedy Now Aesthetics.

Services offered there include hydrafacials, dermal fillers, skin tightening, acne treatments, coolsculpting, micro needling and more. However he didn't feel as if he was doing all that he could for his patients. The amount of literature dealing frankly with women’s issues was growing, but only a handful of physicians in the state were treating the problems.

“Women are now looking for help with wellness issues created by post-childbirth problems to postmenopausal problems.” Siddiqui said. “In this new location, we continue with our menu of aesthetic offerings for both men and women, and we have added sexual wellness for both sexes. Plus we have the opportunity to refer clients back and forth between all the specialties here at the THA for many types of health concerns.”

In his practices, Siddiqui has striven for minimally invasive remedies. Coolsculpting, for example, is non-invasive body contouring. A full 30 percent of patients seeking this treatment are male. New technologies are becoming available for many health issues as well. Facial treatments using a patient’s own blood, for example. “They call them vampire facials,” joked Siddiqui.

Siddiqui stresses a few very important factors in his businesses. One is that people can find care that is physician-led, offering more options and accurate information about procedures. He believes that people need more education regarding some of their issues, and look at connectivity of their problems.

Also vastly important is minimal downtime for patients, he said. The doctor said it took five years to learn all that he wanted to for this new practice, and he is at the point where he will begin teaching at the Thiensville location.

He and staff people, such as Libby Peterson, who is both an aesthetician and coolsculpting specialist, will begin speaking to woman’s groups and take advantage of social media.

“We have a very robust website,” he said. “It’s interactive and a very good starting point.”

The THA building also has a good size community room, where yoga and medication classes, speaker events and more are offered.

Remedy Now Aesthetics is hosting an open house to all who wish to investigate their offerings. It will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 20, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.. The event is free but an RSVP is appreciated.

In addition to information on all their services, several services will be offered at discounted prices. RSVP to or call 262-404-9003 ext. 709.