Code debate continues in Delafield
Another public hearing date set

By Kelly Smith - Special to Conley Media

Sept. 6, 2019

DELAFIELD — A public hearing will be scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 7 p.m. at City Hall as the Plan Commission continues its deliberations over proposed zoning code changes in the downtown business district.

The focus of the public hearing, according to city Planning Consultant Roger Dupler, will be how to determine the allowable heights of newly constructed buildings in Central Business District #1 (CBD).

The CBD #1 extends north and south along Genesee Street from Wells Street to the Bark River and one block east and west of Genesee Street from Wells Street to the river, which includes most of the downtown business district.

According to the existing code, buildings in the district may be 35 to 45 feet high depending upon how many feet the building is set back from the street, Dupler said.

Without taking a formal vote, the Plan Commission agreed during its Aug. 28 meeting to allow a maximum height of 55 feet for all buildings in the zoning district.

However, the Commission could not agree on whether to maintain the existing standard of measurement in the code or create a new one.

The existing standard provides the measurement of the building shall start at ground — or grade — level and extend to the top of a roof that is flat.

For a gabled roof, the height is measured halfway between the lowest and highest point of the roof from the ground, if the grade is level.

In the event the grade is not level, the measuring point shall begin at the average point between the highest and lowest point of the grade.

Commissioner David Greenway suggested it might be easier and simpler to use the “plate” of the roof, the point where the exterior wall and rafters meet, as the highest measurement of the building.

During the meeting, the Commission appeared to reach a consensus on changing the code regulating the number of floors or stories of a building.

The existing code limits the number of stories to three.

The new proposal would permit four stories provided the building was set back 20 feet from designated “collector” streets: Genesee, Milwaukee, Main and Wells Street.

Dupler said there is a possibility that the Commission may vote at the Sept. 25 meeting to recommend some of the code changes to the Common Council which would meet on Oct. 7.

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