Nestle USA to lay off workers, Sussex facility to close

Freeman Staff

Sept. 7, 2019

WAUKESHA More than 120 Nestle workers will lose their jobs in Wisconsin, including 31 in Sussex.

Nestle USA, Inc. notified the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development on Friday that it will lay off people at four Wisconsin locations: Delavan, Sussex, Medford and Appleton.

The first separation is expected to occur Nov. 1 and separations may continue through Dec. 31.

According to the WARN notice sent to the state, Nestle USA is planning to reorganize its Nestle Sales and Supply Chain Frozen DSD operation and will close its location at N62-W22617 Village Drive in Sussex.

A total of 31 workers will be affected in Sussex.

Thirty-one workers will also be affected in Delavan and 32 workers at each the Medford and Appleton locations.

People who work at the Sussex location include those in sales, merchandisers and drivers.

DWD and its regional partners, the Southeast Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, the WOW Workforce Development Board, the Bay Area Workforce Development Board, and the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board will offer rapid response services to the company and the affected workers.