Hartford Plan Commission OKs expansion of two businesses
Glenn Hepfner, Inc., Grande Cheese submit plans for building additions

By Joe VanDeLaarschot

Sept. 12, 2019

 The parking lot of Glenn Hepfner Inc. at 2133 Constitution Avenue in Hartford. Monday night the city’s Plan Commission approved the site plan for a 12,000-square-foot detached cold storage building at the company's Hartford location.
Joe VanDeLaarschot/Daily News

HARTFORD — The surging economy is providing conditions that allow two area businesses to propose additions to both their companies’ buildings.

The Hartford Plan Commission earlier this week unanimously approved expansions by both Glenn Hepfner, Inc. at 2133 Constitution Avenue in the city and a building addition for Grande Cheese at 1234 Rome Road in the Town of Rubicon. The comprehensive zoning ordinance created by the city and town grants the city’s Plan Commission the power to review and approve site plans based on several criteria.

Glenn Hepfner, Inc. has proposed a 12,000-square-foot cold storage addition to its building. Grande Cheese will be building a 1,200- square-foot detached addition for an employee clinic and fitness center.

City Planner Justin Drew told the commission that the Hepfner, Inc. property is surrounded by other manufacturing properties and the addition will fit in with those properties and their uses.

“The proposed addition will be located southwest of the existing building,” Drew said. “The addition will house two cold storage rooms.”

Drew said the plan meets all setback and lot coverage requirements existing in the M-4 zoning district.

“The exterior will be constructed of metal siding and given the distance of the building to Constitution Avenue (370 feet) the code requirement for masonry on street facing facades does not apply,” Drew said. “Two garage doors will be present on the east elevation and one on the north elevation. No additional stormwater management is required for this size addition.”

Drew said the Grande Cheese property is surrounded by other businesses to the south and west, parkland to the east and railroad tracks to the north.

“The addition would be located east of the existing building and the clinic would have a separate entrance from the fitness studio,” Drew said. “The addition would house an office, exam room, a lab room, fitness room, two restrooms and mechanical/ janitorial rooms.”

Drew said the building’s exterior will be constructed of LP vertical and horizontal siding panels (engineered wood) that would match the color of the existing building. Windows will be present on each side of the building. Four new parking stalls are proposed to replace the ones lost to the building addition.