New Lake Country Dog owner finds happiness in opportunity
Hours expanding, grooming soon to be offered

By Alex Nemec

Sept. 12, 2019

 New Lake Country Dog owners Johnathon Klink and Samantha Klink stand in the
play area of Lake Country Dog.

Alex Nemec/Freeman Staff

OCONOMOWOC — The new owner of Lake Country Dog is excited to be spending her days around dogs — and lots of them.

“It sounds silly, but I’ve cried every day out of happiness,” said Samantha Klink. “I get home and I’m stinky and gross from being around dogs all day and I just find myself smiling.”

Natasha Wedl, former owner of Lake Country Dog, 535 E. Wisconsin Ave., has sold the business in order to pursue a career in real estate as well as a degree in graphic design.

Wedl opened Lake Country Dog eight-and-a-half years ago, which was originally just a dog-walking company, she said.

Operating Lake Country Dog was a full-time job, Wedl said.

“Once I had a family, I thought I should pull back a bit from it,” she said. “I also found better opportunities to move on with.”

Wedl is going to pursue a career in real estate as well as go back to school to get a degree in graphic design to join her photography degree.

“I’m going to miss my clientele the most,” Wedl said. “Getting to meet with them one-on-one every day made them like family to me.”

Klink, a former client, said owning a one-stop dog shop was one of her dreams.

“My husband Johnathon pushed me to have a conversation with Natasha and everything fell into place,” Klink said.

As part of Klink taking over, she has expanded the hours to being open Monday through Friday for doggy daycare, as well as offering boarding every day. In addition Klink said she is in the process of offering grooming. It doesn’t get any better for Klink than being surround by dogs and puppies, who had five dogs growing up and her family also fostered rescue dogs.