Upgrades underway on Highway 167
Work is part of infrastructure improvements tied to Kwik Trip project

By Joe VanDeLaarschot

Sept. 13, 2019

 Workers were busy Wednesday constructing the new Kwik Trip convenience store that is located near the intersection of I-41 with Highway 167 (Holy Hill Road) in the Village of Richfield. Construction began about mid-July and the goal is to have the new store open for business around Thanksgiving.
Joe VanDeLaarschot/Daily News Staff

RICHFIELD – For months motorists traveling through the village have had to deal with travel delays and changes due to the ongoing reconstruction and improvements along Highway 164. Now infrastructure improvements are underway on a small section of Highway 167 (Holy Hill Road) in conjunction with the construction of the new Kwik Trip convenience store on the site of the former Exxon truck stop near the intersection with I-41.

“This will work is expected to be much shorter to complete than the Highway 164 project,” Village Administrator Jim Healy said.

Work on the Highway 167 details began just a few days ago, but Healy said that project is expected to be closed by no later than around the end of September. The work was required by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for its approval of the Kwik Trip construction project.

“They are adding an access road going north, which will be Richfield Parkway – our new village road. They will be working on widening the railroad track crossing on Holy Hill Road to account for the new traffic pattern,” Healy said. “On the driveway to the south, which connects to the Thrifty Car Rental, they will be be realigning that with Richfield Parkway, which will have a stop sign at the intersection with Holy Hill Road, moving the access to Thrifty Car Rental by a couple of hundred feet to the west.”

The state Office of the Commissioner of Railroads also required an additional pavement improvement at the rail crossing on Holy Hill Road that Kwik Trip agreed to pay for. Other infrastructure improvements along Highway 167 to be part of the project include closing the median on Highway 167 so that no left turns can be made from the righthand-turn-only access point, the realignment of the access point to the Thrifty Car Rental site (directly south) and a lighted intersection on Highway 167 that will include stop lights. The company has already paid the village about $1.3 million to cover the costs of those improvements.

The construction of the new access road will open property behind the Kwik Trip for development to the north.

“The village has talked for years about the importance of the northeast corridor tied to this land specifically,” Healy said. “It is zoned for a mix of office and industrial.”

Healy said the infrastructure work will also certainly improve safety in the area. “This is a requirement of the Wisconsin DOT — it is not something that the village required or was pushing,” Healy said. “Anybody who has tried to make a left turn coming out of that previous gas station knows how difficult it was. This will be much easier. You used to have cars or trucks waiting there for extended periods of time so it was clear to make the turn or trying to dart out and making an unsafe movement.”

“I’m happy that this will be inherently safer,” Healy said.

Work is also moving quickly on construction of the new Kwik Trip store.

“They said they’ve never missed a target date for opening one of their stores,” Healy said.

Jeff Osgood, in charge of Kwik Trip, Inc. store engineering, said the schedule calls for the final health inspection for the store on Nov. 18 and the doors to open to the public for the first time around Nov. 22.