Orthopaedic Associates proposes Brookfield clinic

Freeman Staff

Jan. 14, 2020

Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin is proposing an 18,600square-foot
medical clinic near Brookfield Square mall.

Submitted rendering

BROOKFIELD — Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin is proposing an 18,600-square-foot medical clinic near the new convention center next to Brookfield Square mall.

The organization said in a letter to the Brookfield Plan Commission that it wants to build a two-story orthopedic medical clinic at 117 S. Moorland Road that would contain ortho exam rooms and pre- and post-recovery bays, offer diagnostic X-ray and MRI services and have staff support spaces.

In the letter, Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin says it has been looking for a location in the Waukesha area for about a year to complement its main facility in the Town of Delafield, which was built about 2016 off Golf Road.

During a year, Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin says its patient clinic visits, inclusive of physical and occupation therapy, MRI and therapy services, exceeds 90,000.

“It is our goal to be the leader in cost-effective high-quality orthopedic care. With more and more employers becoming self-insured and patients dealing with higher deductible and co-pays for services, this will be a welcomed alternative,” reads the letter. “The potential not only offers our organization, but the surrounding communities and businesses an influx of increased dollars. The patient visits I mentioned earlier, coupled with any growth that will occur, will now be in the area spending their money for food, retail, gas and the like in the Brookfield Square area.”

The Plan Commission was set to discuss and possibly approve the plan and method of operation for the proposed clinic during its Monday meeting. It will require Common Council approval.