Super Bowl food: How many calories are in your favorites?

Feb. 6, 2017

Super Bowl parties are all about the food — but before you grab just one more wing or another handful of Doritos, check out the calorie counts on these gridiron favorites.

Calories vary according to brand and/or ingredients used in preparation. Some of the counts below are based on an average.


Calories: 272; Serving size: One slice


Calories: 150; Serving size: 11 chips


Calories: 100 per wing

—Pigs in a blanket

Calories: 300; Serving size: Five pieces


Calories: 145; Serving size: One bottle

—Cheese Dip

Calories: 70; Serving size: Two tablespoons


Calories: 343; Serving size: One burger

—Potato Chips

Calories: 154; Serving size: 11 chips


Calories: 214; Serving size: One cup

—Soft Pretzels

Calories: 210; Serving size: One pretzel

—Onion Dip

Calories: 60; Serving size: Two tablespoons




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