Quinn on Nutrition: Make someday today

December 21, 2015

I was going through a stash of stationary in my desk and came across two cards I had intended to send to each of my sisters someday. It stung to realize that itís now too late to send one of those cards; my sister, Lynda passed away last month. And I was reminded once again ó no matter how busy I get ó to turn those "someday" plans into what I can do today:

Today when I shop for groceries, I will put one green and one red or orange vegetable into my basket. 

Today I will actually prepare and eat those vegetables.

Today I will fill a large water bottle and make sure it is empty by the end of the day. 

Today I will only eat a snack if I feel hungry, not if I feel bored.

Today I will pack a gym bag to keep in my car for that exercise class Iíve been meaning to get to someday.

Today I will more seriously consider how the food that goes into my mouth becomes me.

Today I will not beat myself up if I eat a Christmas cookie with my granddaughter. I will think twice about eating six Christmas cookies, however. 

Today I will set aside 30 minutes to take that walk I intended to do someday. 

Today I will enjoy a cup of tea in a special tea cup. And I will feel good knowing that ó besides contributing to my fluid needs for the day ó tea has important health benefits. 

Today I will make sure I have something more substantial for breakfast besides coffee and a Christmas cookie. I will take time to open a carton of Greek yogurt and sprinkle some nuts and granola on top. And I will realize that this simple meal adds needed protein, calcium and whole grains to my body machinery.

Today I will lighten up ó my attitude as well as my portion sizes. 

Today I will enjoy the festive foods of the holiday season with others without feeling guilty. And as I participate in holiday parties and cookie exchanges, I will remember the words of Mary Poppins: "Enough is as good as a feast."

And today I will take time to write that letter Iíve intended to write. To mail that check Iíve intended to mail. And to send that card to my other sister.




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