Quinn on Nutrition: From a cowgirl’s perspective

August 10, 2015

I stuck my hand in a pocket after feeding the horses one morning and was reminded of something I read in a book my friend gave me. "You might be a cowgirl," it began, "if you have hay in the pockets of all your jackets…and you wear Victoria’s Secret flannel pajamas and a pair of cowboy boots to feed your horses in the morning."

I totally identify. But since this is a nutrition column and not my personal cowgirl agenda, let’s get to some recent findings that might be true if…

Children might be more likely to eat fruits and vegetables if these foods are offered by parents a) with meals; b) with meals and snacks; c) duh. Answer: b. That’s according to a recent study in the journal, Eating Behaviors.

You might be prone to be overweight if you a) dine out more than 3 times a week; b) eat fast food on a regular basis; c) only run to the food counter. Answers: a and b, from a report in the International Journal of Obesity.

You might lower your risk to develop colon cancer if you a) eat a vegetarian diet; b) add fish to your vegetarian diet; c) use your turn signals when you change lanes. Answers: a, b. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that all types of vegetarian diets were associated with a lower risk for all types of colorectal cancers.

You might be at increased risk to be overweight if you eat a) fewer than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day; b) like a horse; c) too few oranges or beans. Answers: a, c. Lower intakes of citrus fruits and legumes was associated with higher weights in women, according to research in the Journal of Nutrition.

You might have a higher quality diet if you use this when you shop for groceries: a) a list; b) a glass of wine; c) a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Answer a. According to the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, people who shopped with a list had healthier diets and were less likely to be overweight.

You might have lower blood pressure if you a) hug your horse every day; b) consume dairy products; c) recognize your true inner cowgirl. Answer: b. According to a recent article in Nutrition Reviews, milk products contain unique proteins with blood pressure lowering qualities.

You might be a cowgirl, said the late Dale Evans, if, when life bucks you off, you a) dust yourself off; b) cowgirl up; c) get back in the saddle. All are correct. What counts most in this life, said this queen of cowgirls, is the way you ride the trail.




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