Quinn on Nutrition: Hereís a crutch you can use for a new diet plan

September 28, 2015

By the grace of God and a few good friends, we got íer done. For me, moving out of a house ranks right up there with sticking pins in my eyes. Add crutches and a broken foot to the equation, and itís not pretty.

No worries. To the rescue are friends who know how to take orders from a one-legged lady. Wendy blew in and got me out of my "where to start" phase. Chris brought us sandwiches and lots of fluids to keep us going. Other friends showed up with smiles and able-bodied legs to do my bidding. Doesnít get any better than that.

What did I learn from this ordeal? It takes a LOT of energy to pull a grown body around on crutches, or what some scholars call "gait disability." Some estimate that it takes twice as much energy (calories) to walk on crutches compared to walking normally. Seriously, this could well be the newest weight loss fad of all time. It would go like this:

Find a reason to be ordered by your doctor to hop around on crutches for 6 to 8 weeks. (Flinging yourself off a horse before he falls over on you is one method that works.)

Follow your doctorís orders not to put any weight on your injured foot. So when you are hungry, you will find it too taxing to hop into the kitchen to prepare a meal. This nips mindless snacking in the bud.

Enlist the help of friends who will take you out for dinner. In this step, you will want to save half your meal so you will have something quick to heat up for lunch the next day. Voila! Instant portion control.

Play up the sympathy factor, big time. This might get someone to bring you coffee in the morning.

Most successful diet plans allow you to indulge in some treats now and then. Go ahead, open that box of assorted California chocolates your friend gave you. You deserve it after an especially grueling day of packing boxes and bossing all your friends around. Choose a piece that will give you the most "mmmm" for your taste buds. Then hobble directly away from the chocolate.

Appreciate the finesse with which you can hold onto a water bottle or coffee mug (make sure the lid is on tight, please) while maneuvering on two crutches. Fluids are essential for energy production ó and we crutch people need energy big time.

Follow these six steps and I would estimate that you will slim down and be sporting some impressive arm muscles in 6 to 8 weeks ó or until your doc tells you to ditch the crutches. When this happens, jump for joy. Just donít land wrong, which is what got you into this mess to begin with. And donít go running back into the kitchen. Remember, a diet plan only works when you stay with it. On the other hand, go ahead, have that second piece of chocolate.




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