As gifts, puppies might get a chain in the back yard for Christmas, PETA says

November 20, 2017

A pet might seem like the gift that keeps on giving, but with the holiday season on the horizon PETA says it’s not a good idea.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has issued a pair of Christmas-themed public service announcements urging people to avoid gifting animals to their friends and loved ones.

One features a puppy with a bow around its next, chained to a stake in the ground, under the text "What did I get for Christmas? A chain in the backyard." Another shows a cat on a clawed-up couch, with the message, "Scratch me off your holiday shopping list!"

PETA claims gifting animals is a bad idea is because not everyone is committed to keeping a pet. That can lead to animals being turned over to shelters that are already full, or even people abandoning animals, the group said in a Wednesday news release.

"Animal shelters are filled beyond capacity with homeless animals, many of whom were former ‘pets’ who — for one reason or another — didn’t fit into someone’s lifestyle," the release said. "No matter how much they would like to, many people who receive animals as gifts find that they’re unable to make the lifelong commitment to care for their new companion."

The group also has been campaigning ahead of Thanksgiving, asking people to consider what it is like to be a turkey.



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