Wis. appeals court upholds 2006 murder conviction

October 2, 2009

MADISON - The state appeals court has upheld a man's 2006 murder conviction, discounting his arguments that the prosecution produced insufficient evidence.

The court ruled Thursday that the evidence against Matthew J. Knapp was valid. It also approved the trial judge's decision to allow as testimony an incriminating comment Knapp made years later.

Knapp was sentenced to 15 years for the bludgeoning death of 38-year-old Resa Scobie Brunner with a baseball bat in 1987.

Investigators found Brunner's blood splattered on Knapp's shoes. The appeals court says there's nothing to suggest that evidence was insufficient.

Brunner also said "I'll do to you what I did to her" while beating a girlfriend a few years later. The appeals court says the comment was correctly included as testimony.



Associated Press