Minocqua to receive new traffic control device
Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon or “HAWK” to run later this month


July 24, 2013

Motorists and pedestrians in Minocqua will notice a new type of traffic control device, called a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon. It is sometimes also referred to as a High Intensity Activated Cross-Walk (or “HAWK”).

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is installing the device in several locations around the state, to help pedestrians cross busy streets.

The beacon, which will be started up on USH 51 in Minocqua on July 30, will be used to stop traffic with a double red indication thereby creating a gap for pedestrians to cross. Pedestrians push a button to activate the beacon and must wait until the “Walk” indication appears. Once the “Walk” indication appears and all motorists are stopped, the pedestrian may begin crossing. While crossing, pedestrians will receive a flashing “Don’t Walk” and countdown indication showing the time remaining to finish crossing the street. Newly approaching pedestrians may not start to cross when the flashing “Don’t Walk” signal appears. They must press the button and wait for the next “Walk” indication.

Motorists will notice the beacon is dark unless a pedestrian activates the push button. Then a flashing yellow indication will run for a few seconds, notifying the motorists that the beacon has been activated and they must slow down. This is followed by a solid yellow indication, telling motorists they should stop if able to safely do so. The solid yellow is followed by double solid red indications, requiring vehicles to come to a complete stop. Lastly, motorists will see alternating flashing red indications. After first stopping, the motorists may proceed through the crosswalk during the flashing red indications after the pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk. Then the indications go dark until a new pedestrian activates the beacon.

To learn more, go to the Wisconsin DOT home page ( and look under Travel Information.