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Properly prepped
As more and more research reveals just how drastically nutrition affects overall physical health, a plant-based diet — one rich in foods grown from the Earth — is gaining popularity, and for good reason.
What is a nutritarian?
Despite the exotic sounding name, a nutritarian is not from a faraway galaxy. In fact, the nutritarian is just someone who has a preference for a diet rich in high-quality nutrients.

Eat this, cure that!
With winter upon us with its shortened days and frigid temperatures, we are prime targets for seasonal ailments. But you don’t have to see a doctor to cure what ails you. 

The Wheat-free lifestyle
With better than one in four Wisconsinites considered obese, we’re no strangers to the beer belly. But the wheat belly?

Berry Blast
It’s fresh berry season — time for raspberries in your morning smoothie, a handful of blueberries or blackberries with lunch, and chin-dripping strawberries as an afternoon snack.

Seeds of change
The first time Young Kim saw Hmong farmers scattering handfuls of seeds in the fields of the Fondy Farm, he didn’t quite know what to make of it.

Nutrition morsels
We all know soup is good for the soul, but how about your waistline?

Food as medicine
Kathy Bero of Oconomowoc was on a mission to live. Being diagnosed with three aggressive cancers simultaneously wasn’t going to stop her. She found her salvation in food, and has quietly started a movement in Pewaukee to aid in combating cancer.

Foods, with benefits
They reportedly do everything — from boosting brain power, preventing cancer and reducing belly fat — but what role should certain foods, dubbed "super foods," play in our everyday diet?

Prescription poundage
"Everyone has seen those stereotypical commercials with the woman curled up on the couch with her glass of wine and slice of cake after a long day," says Dr. Ted Weltzin, director of eating disorder services at Rogers Memorial Hospital of Oconomowoc.

Back to basics
You’ve probably heard the phrase "you are what you eat," but most people who are shaped like an apple or pear probably aren’t eating enough of those fruits.

Eat smart
Eating well is hard. But switching from the kind of diet that most Americans eat to the kind that nutritionists want you to eat is even harder.

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