Pamela Jean Hoberg



Pamela Jean Hoberg, 59, passed away Monday, March 25, 2013, with her family at her side. Her passing is an unexplained and unexpected tragedy that has left a void in our family that can never be refilled. She was a healthy woman who entered the hospital for a routine back surgery on March 11, 2013, and never came home; her cause of death is yet unknown. This makes her passing all the more difficult for her family, friends and relatives.


A light from our family is gone. A voice we love is stilled, and a place in our homes is vacant. We have to mourn the loss of a kind and giving woman we would have loved to keep. But, God who surely loves her best, has finally prepared her to sleep. After an unfinished lifetime of her unconditional love, joy and compliments filled our ears. God leaves these splendid memories to help us through our tears.


Pam was a loving wife to Jan Hoberg for 40 years. They were high school sweethearts who turned their relationship into a would-be lifelong marriage cut too short. Pam graduated from Hamilton High School in 1971 and was married to Jan in 1973. They were true companions with enduring love for one another having their first child, Jessica, in 1975 and their son, Jeremy, in 1978. They enjoyed so many wonderful times together including vacations to exotic, tropical locations, going to movies, and the simple day-to-day activities that will be truly missed. 


Pam was a devoted and faithful friend to many. She was a loyal employee to her employers throughout her life and most recently was an avid volunteer at Janís insurance business in Oconomowoc. Pam had a passion and talent for holding marvelous house-warming holiday parties - as she was an amazing cook and could pull together incredible family parties.


She was an amazing mother to Jeremy and Jessica - and provided true, unconditional love and support through all stages and phases in their lives. She was a best friend, a confidant and willing to help anyone at a momentís notice. Grandma Pam was and will forever be well-loved by her five adoring grandchildren, Ethan (13), Ashtyn (6), Micah (4), Riley (3) and Julian (2). Their time spent with Grandma Pam will be cherished forever. One could say she lived for those she loved - an Angel on this Earth.