Camille Oak Atwell

Camille Oak Atwell Camille Oak Atwell, 105, was born in Cicero, Ill., in 1912 and died peacefully in Oconomowoc on Sept. 9 at her home at Lake Country Health & Rehab. She was mother to Glenn Oak (Florida), grandmother to Catherine Oak (California) and Connie Oak Patton (Georgia). She has three great-grandchildren, Lauren Hess (Wisconsin), Rachel and William Schoeffler (California) and was a great-great-grandmother to Taylor Bothwell and Brinley Hess, both of Oconomowoc. Connie’s spouse is Joel Patton and Lauren’s is Brian Hess.

After growing up in Cicero, she married Roy H. Oak in 1933 and moved to Waukesha. where they lived for many years. They later moved to Stevens Point, where Roy became city assessor. In 1934 she had her son, Glenn Oak, who married Janet Counsell of Oconomowoc in 1955. Roy died in 1974, and they were married 42 years!

Camille married Bill Atwell in 1983 in Stevens Point. Camille was an avid golfer, won numerous trophies, was a water skier, and cross country skier. In high school, she was quite an athlete, when women weren’t. Camille loved swimming and was also a good dancer. She always wanted to be a gym teacher, however, college was out of the question. She worked for Continental Assurance & Casualty Co. in Chicago. Camille did quite a bit of volunteer work for the Red Cross and her church over the years. In Stevens Point at Trinity Lutheran, the Oak Room for children to play in was named for Camille and Roy for their years of service.

Camille lived through two Cubs World Series victories and was a serious fan. She loved the Green Bay Packers and watched golf matches daily on her TV. The residents and staff at Wilkinson Woods, the last five years at Lake Country and recently Asero Hospice all admired her positive attitude, sense of humor and zest for life.

She was cognizant and healthy until the day she died, a strong Bohemian. There will be a celebration of Camille Oak Atwell’s life at Lake Country Health & Rehab in the next few months and will be announced.