Mary Ellen Schmidt

A funeral service was held on Wednesday at Mueller Funeral Home, Cedarburg for Mary Ellen Schmidt (nee Damerow), 53, of Saukville, who died on Dec. 23, 2006 at home.

Mary Ellen Schmidt was born on Sept. 26, 1953, in Port Washington to Luella (nee Dubberpohl) and Clarence Damerow. Mary grew up on the family farm. She had such a good heart that when it was time to take away the new dog litter, she would hide them in hopes to save them and keep them.

Mary always liked doing things outside, but housework was a different story. Mom would sometimes hide money to coax Mary to do some cleaning. It worked for a while. Mary wanted to be outside and have fun, like playing in the fields, working in the garden or just lying in her inflatable swimming pool.

Later in life, she married Bob Schmidt. She thought this would be great, she could relax and enjoy married life. But after only one year after they decided to build their home. Much more work than Mary envisioned. Mary, Bob, a full-time helper, Larry Kultgen, and other friends built their house that summer. They moved in under a hardship clause and finished building the house over the next five years. Mary put up with a lot of hardships to get what they wanted. But it was a home they built and loved, not a house.

Mary enjoyed working in her garden and helped plant over 6,000 trees on their property. Later when the trees were grown, Mary would watch the wildlife come out onto the lawn. Sometimes it would be deer, rabbits, once a fox, raccoons, a possum, and one time two bobcats. Mary never knew what she would see.

Mary also enjoyed working with her hands and made many different types of pinecone crafts. She was like a floral designer with pinecones. Her other pastimes were playing board games and putting together puzzles with Bob.

Maryís ambitions never ceased. She was a Sunday school teacher for over 15 years and even got Bob to be the assistant for five years. She tried cross-country skiing and was just starting to take up golf. She thought it was better to golf with Bob and enjoy the scenery and Bobís company than sit at home alone. Bob and Mary at one time joined a Sunday bowling league. Mary got the surprise of her life when she won the Hi-Handicap Series Trophy. Mary was so proud of that trophy.

During Maryís working life, she worked at the Ozaukee Country Club for two years in many roles. Later she found a job she liked working at the Ozaukee County Court House in the UW-Extension and worked there for over 20 years. Mary also sold Avon and was told on more than one occasion she was an overachiever.

Mary was also a lover of dogs. Bob and Mary have had five dogs over their 30 years of marriage. On one occasion, she talked Bob into looking at a dog from the Rescue Center. The Rescue Center takes dogs from the Humane Society that are going to be destroyed. Bob didnít want to go but was talked into it anyway. Well, long story short, they came home with another dog that was considered part of their family.

Mary was a very kindhearted person who wanted to help everyone. She read the Bible frequently and even changed Bob into a better Christian. Mary was very proud of the things Bob did and would brag to others. It made Bob very proud of her for believing in him.

Mary leaves behind a very loving husband, Robert W. Schmidt, and two caring dogs that will miss her very much. She was the best wife a husband could ever have. Good, caring, compassionate, willing to help others and a true believer in God.

Mary is further survived by her mother, Luella (the late Clarence) Damerow; sister, Barbara (the late Herman) Dochow; brother-in-law Don (Cindy) Schmidt; nieces Cheryl (Joe) Kraus and Diane Dochow; great-niece, Jasmin Kraus; and other nieces, nephews, relatives and many friends.

We will miss you, Mary.

In lieu of flowers, memorials to the family, Friedens Church or the Ozaukee County Humane Society appreciated. Online condolences may be sent by visiting