Virginia Mary Brost

Upon the end of the life Virginia Mary Brost (Suchocki) on Dec. 29, 2005 we have begun to reflect on the blessings our mother offered. Her spirit was grounded in beauty, music and family. With backyard gardens full of roses, lilies and a treasured Magnolia tree, gentle hands nurtured all living things. Dogs, cats, birds and an occasional skunk came to visit our yard and were treated with kindness.

Our friends were also welcomed and given respect. This was given freely but trust had to be earned. If there was a need for discipline, it was also provided.

Our work ethic comes from momís favorite quote: "The day you have nothing to do and no one cares will be the saddest day of your life." Virginia is now at peace and she will truly be missed. The love from her heart fills all of us and we continue to pour it into others. The gift of peace has lifted the burden from our hearts and the warm glow of remembrance will stay with us forever. Rest in peace Mom, we all love you.