Faith Quandt

Faith Quandt, 83, who made significant contributions to the arts, hospital care, and her local community, died on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2007 at AngelsGrace Hospice in Oconomowoc.

She had lived most of her adult life in Hartford.

The cause of her death was kidney cancer said her son, Peter Quandt, adding that it occurred just two months after she was diagnosed with the illness.

Mrs. Quandt had spent the last three decades promoting the arts and health care in Hartford and surrounding communities.

In the 1980s she served on the board of Rogers Memorial Hospital before becoming chairman in 1987. She remained Chairman until retiring in 1993.

Rogers is a renowned psychiatric hospital, specializing in the treatment of chemical dependency, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, as well as other child and adolescent, adult, and older adult disorders.

Its main hospital is in Oconomowoc and satellite centers are in Brown Deer, Kenosha and Milwaukee.

Mrs. Quandt was proudest of her role at the Schauer Arts and Activities Center in Hartford.

She had been one of the founders of the Center and the president for six years.

The Center is a comprehensive arts and theater complex. It opened in 2001 and boasts a 571-seat theater, an art gallery, a rehearsal hall, high-tech meeting rooms, kitchen facility and a community hall with seating capacity of 300.

It has been acclaimed for its architectural beauty and the more than 100 performances it has hosted by artists including The Smothers Brothers, Melissa Manchester, The Kingston Trio and Hal Holbrook.

Writing about the Schauer Center, Whitney Gould of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote, "the Schauer Center in Hartford is a richer, more interesting place than many glossy new facilities built with much bigger budgets. It could serve as an architectural case study in how to make virtue out of necessity[having] won a passel of national awards, including "Rehabilitation Project of the Year" from Midwest Construction magazine."

Recently, Wisconsin Arts Board ranked the Schauer Center third among 27 colleague institutions across the state writing they were "extremely impressed by the tremendous growth within this organization during its six years of presentingstrong artistic merit, a clear understanding of the community, great networking, great outreach, clear artistic leadership, and a model marketing effort."

Tom Robbins, the Schauer Centerís executive director said "Faith Quandt served as the chair of the original steering committee for the Schauer Arts and Activities Center. Her efforts as volunteer chairperson led naturally into six years as the founding president of the organizationís Board of Trustees from 1998 through 2004. Her tireless energy on the Schauer Centerís behalf was immanently related to the organizationís current growth and success."

Faith was named as a 2000 outstanding volunteer by the Vol-unteer Center of Washington County.

A life-long Democrat and unabashed liberal, she had been very active in many local political and womenís rights organizations.

At the time of her death Faith had been on the boards of the Aurora Medical Center in Wash-ington County and the Hartford Foundation.

John Reis, president of the Hartford Foundation and who had served under her as vice president of the Schauer Center, said of her, "Faith has always been extremely enthusiastic, innovative and supportive of positive changes for Hartford. Her sunny disposition and positive vision for the future made working with her an absolute delight.

"Faith challenged those of us who worked with her at the Schauer Arts and Activities center and the Hartford Area Foundation to reach just a little higher and to work just a little harder to provide the absolute best that we could afford for the community.

"We could always count on her dedication and unflagging support for the many projects which enriched our city. The entire area has been blessed because of her work on the Foundation and the many varied organizations that she belonged to.

"She has been involved in many diverse projects in the greater community. Our lives have truly been made richer by her involvement and commitment for all these projects. She will be greatly missed by many, many people."

She was born Faith Lorraine Hurtig in Manitowoc, on March 9, 1924. Her father died in an automobile accident when she was 14.

Faith attended nursing school in Milwaukee and became a registered nurse at age 22. She met her husband, Val Quandt, a doctor, when they were working at the same hospital in Milwaukee.

They were married in 1946 and were married for 61 years at the time of her death.

They had three children together, Peter Quandt of Chappaqua, N.Y., Mark Quandt of Waukesha and Heidi Rossiter of Madison.

In addition to her children and husband, Mrs. Quandt is survived by her sister, Audrey Larsen of Madison and Lowell Hurtig of Elmhurst, Ill. and four grandchildren.

Memorial services will be held Sunday, Oct. 7, at 5 p.m. at the Schauer Arts and Activities Center, 147 N. Rural St., Hartford.

Faithís family will receive relatives and friends at the Schauer Center from 4 to 5 p.m.

A reception in the Pikes Peak room will follow the memorial service.

Memorials to the Schauer Arts and Activities Center would be appreciated.

The Berndt-Ledesma Funeral Home, Hartford is serving the family.