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On a budget
Each phase of life comes with its own set of financial circumstances, goals and necessities. The question is, how should we be spending, or saving, our income as we move through different stages?

Local Investing
Locally grown. Locally sourced. These days it is all about going local. But what about investing? Can a portfolio be locally sourced? Is it a good idea?

Crowdfunding as collateral
So you want to start a business, but donít have the start-up money or the collateral to ask the bank for a loan? And you donít want to ask friends or family? Do the next best thing ó ask a stranger. 

Planning for your retirement
Is your retirement plan on track? How do you know? According to a survey by Employee Benefit Research Institute, 60 percent of Americans arenít sure theyíre on track to retire successfully. Unfortunately, many of them may be right.

Credit card hacking
Although credit card companies and financial institutions are becoming smarter about protecting peopleís personal information online, credit card fraud and identity theft are still very real threats.
Millennials and managing money
While millennials have been labeled with negative stereotypes like materialistic and entitled, the reality is that crippling debt and lack of employment opportunities have significantly impacted this generationís financial future.
Estate essentials
"Picture this. Youíve been invited to a meeting; when you get there you realize itís the first meeting after your own death. You canít say anything. You can only observe. What do you see? Is your family celebrating your life or are they sitting there helpless not knowing what to do or whom to trust." 
In the hot seat
If youíre an aspiring entrepreneur seeking money from angel investors, youíd better be prepared with a snappy pitch to get their attention.
The new normal
With the Great Recession becoming a distant bad memory, people are once again thinking about the future ≠ó including retirement planning. But the recent economic setbacks have left many wary of the market and the security of their retirement investments.
Fiscal fitness
When it comes to wealth management, there are several ways good intentions can go awry. Our panel of experts outlines five common mistakes and advises how to avoid them. Knowledge is power, and in this case, itís profitable.

Creative Sisterhood
Growing up in Glendale with six siblings in a single-parent household, the Bendfeldt sisters learned to be resourceful at an early age. "We were forced to be MacGyvers," says Amy Bendfeldt Barnum. "If there was something we wanted, we had to get creative."
Hot jobs
Gaining employment in todayís marketplace depends on the ability to offer relevant skills, especially those considered "nonroutine analytical," says Dennis Winters, chief economist for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Managing your wealth
Most of us have financial goals, whether it is to retire at a reasonable age, fund our childrenís education, do some traveling or simply manage debt. While overall plans havenít changed, peopleís attitudes have gone through a period of adjustment ó and thatís occurring across all age groups, local industry experts say.

Gail MarksJarvis: For financial advisers, sussing out fear moves to the forefront 09-19-16
Does your financial adviser really know you? He or she should. And Iím not talking about a handshake as you enter the office followed by an exchange of pleasantries such as, "How are the kids?" 
Frugal couple wonder if retirement is but a dream 09-19-16
SEATTLE ó Saving for retirement is a source of financial anxiety for 29 percent of Americans, a recent survey by life insurer Northwestern Mutual estimated.
Say hello to two members of that 29 percent: Gail and Sid Ouattara, who live outside Seattle.
Gail MarksJarvis: Once considered safe, Ďsmartí funds may be dumb investment 09-12-16
Who could resist investments that are "smart"? They certainly sound better than "dumb investments" or "idiotic funds."
Gail MarksJarvis: Pushing back retirement age to 70 would be harder on low-income workers 08-29-16
It sounds like a simple fix to the nationís immense problem of funding Social Security and Medicare for an aging country ó just get everyone to work to 70 and the math works out a lot better.
How big box stores look to hook college students ó for life 08-29-16
CHICAGO ó Itís back-to-college season, which means retailers are battling to equip as many of Americaís freshmen with laptops, futons and minifridges as they can. 
Susan Tompor: Resist urge to splurge on glitz with school supplies 08-22-16
The back-to-school notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, binders and a scientific calculator added up to $100 for sixth-grader Kaylee Betts.
Gail MarksJarvis: Retired couples will need $260,000 for health care, investment firm estimates 08-22-16
Here are figures that may make you sick if you are planning to retire soon and havenít looked at what your health care costs will be be.
3 banking services that will be obsolete in 10 years 08-22-16
For decades, banking was a mundane, routine task. You visited a local branch to open or close accounts, deposit, withdraw and transfer funds.
Financial planners: Prenuptial agreements shouldnít be a deal breaker in remarriages 08-15-16
PITTSBURGH ó Young couples going into their first marriage with barely enough money between them to pay the rent donít usually have much to lose by combining their assets as they build a family and plan for the future.
Gail MarksJarvis: Donít fret about taking on a college loan, but do your homework first 08-15-16
College students: Welcome to the debtors clan. If you are like most students, you will need student loans to pay for college. And while thatís a scary thought for some, there is no reason to fret.
Gail MarksJarvis: Millennials: Saving $1 million is easier than you think 08-08-16
Could you save $1 million over a lifetime?
Millennials seem to think becoming a millionaire is completely out of the question. But many of them are wrong and are already blundering their way toward $1 million without realizing it. With a little more attention to handling their money, many could end up much better off than their parents.
Why the FICO score still rules despite a new breed of credit scoring and online lenders 08-08-16
For decades, the FICO score has been the dominant metric for deciding whether a borrower is creditworthy. When a borrower applies for a mortgage, a car loan or a credit card, chances are that a FICO score is one of the first things a lender looks at.
For many colleges, application fees mean revenue 08-08-16
PITTSBURGH ó August officially kicks off college application season. Rising high school seniors will begin inking their essays and submitting their grades and test scores to more than 4,000 U.S. colleges and universities.
When the kids grow up but donít actually leave home 08-01-16
PITTSBURGH ó The last thing Caitlin Hipp would have expected as she prepares to turn 28 years old next month was to be living at home with her parents.
Gail MarksJarvis: Law professor points out the holes in your retirement plan 08-01-16
Americans feel insecure. One reason is that their 401(k)s look too empty. As people peer into the contents, they see a retirement disaster coming. Even after years of working and saving, people just 10 years away from retirement age have accumulated little.
Gail MarksJarvis: Law professor points out the holes in your retirement plan 07-25-16
Americans feel insecure.
One reason is that their 401(k)s look too empty. As people peer into the contents, they see a retirement disaster coming. Even after years of working and saving, people just 10 years away from retirement age have accumulated little.
More states weigh action to help people save for retirement 07-25-16
ALPHARETTA, Ga. ó Malcolm Reid and Stewart Nelson-Reid, both 58, have been together for 18 years. Theyíve had a blast ó traveling, skydiving and riding roller coasters around the country.
Payday-loan trade group looks for misleading claims on websites 07-18-16
A trade group for online payday lenders has started to comb the Internet for sites making misleading claims, part of an effort to clean up the reputation of an industry beset by complaints from consumer groups and regulators.
Gail MarksJarvis: The dubious side of a record stock market 07-18-16
Who would have thought lukewarm could be so hot?
But it is. The stock market hit record levels four days in a row this week before pausing Friday.
To cut costs, high school students headed to college plan to live at home 07-18-16
PITTSBURGH ó With college costs shooting through the roof and many parents unprepared for the burden of paying for it, high school students across the country are being forced to make choices about where they will attend college and how to cut costs once they get there.
Politicians look for ways to spur retirement savings  07-11-16
WASHINGTON ó The race is on to save Americansí golden years.
The aging of baby boomers, the looming funding crisis for Social Security and the meager size of many workersí nest eggs ó if they have them at all ó have spurred candidates, lawmakers and experts to propose ways to boost retirement savings.
Startup pitches employee loans as job benefit  07-11-16
SAN DIEGO ó For the past year and a half, Doug Farry has met with city councils, chambers of commerce and corporate human resources managers, telling them a hard truth: Many workers live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes turn to payday lenders to get by.
Co-signing a loan? Consider the risks  07-04-16
PITTSBURGH ó Time and time again, staff members at Advantage Credit Counseling in Pittsburgh have seen parents and grandparents suffer the consequences of financial ruin all because they co-signed a loan for a child or grandchild who either could not pay back the debt or simply refused to.
Gail MarksJarvis: Going to college is worth it, study finds 07-04-16
A new study provides a dramatic answer to the question nagging potential college students: Is college worth it?
The short answer is yes, according to a study from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.



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