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On a budget
Each phase of life comes with its own set of financial circumstances, goals and necessities. The question is, how should we be spending, or saving, our income as we move through different stages?

Local Investing
Locally grown. Locally sourced. These days it is all about going local. But what about investing? Can a portfolio be locally sourced? Is it a good idea?

Crowdfunding as collateral
So you want to start a business, but donít have the start-up money or the collateral to ask the bank for a loan? And you donít want to ask friends or family? Do the next best thing ó ask a stranger. 

Planning for your retirement
Is your retirement plan on track? How do you know? According to a survey by Employee Benefit Research Institute, 60 percent of Americans arenít sure theyíre on track to retire successfully. Unfortunately, many of them may be right.

Credit card hacking
Although credit card companies and financial institutions are becoming smarter about protecting peopleís personal information online, credit card fraud and identity theft are still very real threats.
Millennials and managing money
While millennials have been labeled with negative stereotypes like materialistic and entitled, the reality is that crippling debt and lack of employment opportunities have significantly impacted this generationís financial future.
Estate essentials
"Picture this. Youíve been invited to a meeting; when you get there you realize itís the first meeting after your own death. You canít say anything. You can only observe. What do you see? Is your family celebrating your life or are they sitting there helpless not knowing what to do or whom to trust." 
In the hot seat
If youíre an aspiring entrepreneur seeking money from angel investors, youíd better be prepared with a snappy pitch to get their attention.
The new normal
With the Great Recession becoming a distant bad memory, people are once again thinking about the future ≠ó including retirement planning. But the recent economic setbacks have left many wary of the market and the security of their retirement investments.
Fiscal fitness
When it comes to wealth management, there are several ways good intentions can go awry. Our panel of experts outlines five common mistakes and advises how to avoid them. Knowledge is power, and in this case, itís profitable.

Creative Sisterhood
Growing up in Glendale with six siblings in a single-parent household, the Bendfeldt sisters learned to be resourceful at an early age. "We were forced to be MacGyvers," says Amy Bendfeldt Barnum. "If there was something we wanted, we had to get creative."
Hot jobs
Gaining employment in todayís marketplace depends on the ability to offer relevant skills, especially those considered "nonroutine analytical," says Dennis Winters, chief economist for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Managing your wealth
Most of us have financial goals, whether it is to retire at a reasonable age, fund our childrenís education, do some traveling or simply manage debt. While overall plans havenít changed, peopleís attitudes have gone through a period of adjustment ó and thatís occurring across all age groups, local industry experts say.

Who needs to buy life insurance? Doesnít it come with the job? 10-02-17
American workers have gotten so used to getting free life insurance coverage as a benefit through their jobs that a growing number of them ó especially young workers who have delayed starting families ó arenít bothering to go through the hassle and expense of purchasing individual policies.
Gail MarksJarvis: How to build a rich life, even if you arenít a financial genius 09-25-17
You donít have to be a genius, a math brain or know anything about the stock market to invest your money well and retire comfortably.
Insurers cutting back on drug coupons amid concerns over consumer costs 09-25-17
CHICAGO ó With many drug prices rising, consumers often pull out coupons or discount cards from drugmakers to save money when they buy medications at pharmacies.
Want to send aid to disaster victims? Here are tips to avoid charity scams 09-18-17
The relief efforts that follow natural disasters like the ones currently unfolding along the Gulf Coast, Florida and elsewhere often showcase the best about Americansí willingness to help their neighbors.
Gail MarksJarvis: The Equifax breach left many of us vulnerable. Hereís how to protect yourself 09-18-17
When your Social Security number has been exposed, youíre vulnerable.
When the bad guys know your address, driverís license number and age along with your Social Security number, the risk is even worse.
As one generation moves on, financial advisers try to get to know the next one 09-11-17
PITTSBURGH ó Times are changing in the financial services industry because of what is being called the greatest multi-generational wealth transfer in American history.
Gail MarksJarvis: What you need to do in the wake of the Equifax data breach 09-11-17
The massive data breach reported by Equifax this week will leave millions of Americans at risk of identity theft for the rest of their lives.
ATMs dealing in digital currency making digital cash a reality 09-04-17
WASHINGTON ó They look like ATMs and they work like ATMs. Just donít call them money machines, because these ATMs donít give back cash, they give back bitcoin credits and a receipt.
Gail MarksJarvis: The fastest-growing category of student debtors is senior citizens 08-28-17
The number of people over 60 struggling with college student loans is snowballing. For most, the struggle is not a hangover from their college days. The strain is coming from helping their children and grandchildren pay for college.
Trouble saving for retirement? So do 96 percent of working Americans 08-21-17
PITTSBURGH ó People at all income levels are guilty of not saving enough for retirement, but it may not be entirely their fault.
Gail MarksJarvis: As open enrollment approaches, hereís how to pick the right health-savings account 08-21-17
Morningstar has an important message for employees who will soon start signing up for next yearís health benefits: Take a close look at any health savings accounts you are considering enrolling in.
Financial experts say itís not always advisable to drop life insurance 08-14-17
PITTSBURGH ó Life insurance generally does a good job of doing what itís mainly intended to do, which is to protect spouses, children and other people who depend on the policy owner financially.
Gail MarksJarvis: Why a four-year college degree isnít the only path to a secure lifestyle 08-14-17
If you arenít sure college is for you, consider this: You donít have to get a four-year degree to make a good living.
Make sure your retirement savings last as long as you do 08-07-17
PITTSBURGH ó Target date mutual funds have become the answer to a problem many retirement savers face in a world that has shifted the burden of managing retirement assets from corporations to workers who donít always have the time or knowledge to be effective money managers.
Gail MarksJarvis: Why some employers are becoming more generous with retirement savings plans 08-07-17
In an effort to recruit employees in competitive fields and help motivate older workers to leave the workplace when they hit retirement age, companies are becoming more generous with their retirement savings plans.
Whatís the score?: People getting credit scores may not understand them 07-31-17
WASHINGTON ó Phoenix resident Elizabeth Medora didnít know her credit score until a credit card company gave her a credit tracker a few years ago, and even then she didnít think much about it.
Shopping online? Think twice before storing your card information, experts say 07-31-17
As millions of online shoppers can attest, it sure is convenient to let websites store credit and debit card numbers so the data can be "auto-filled " on the next visit.
Do all consumers really want to go cashless? Some businesses not so sure 07-31-17
PITTSBURGH ó Cash is still king, but Visa Inc. is trying mightily to dethrone it. The electronic payments giant unveiled a campaign this month aimed at enticing small restaurant owners to stop accepting cash.
Why young people should plan early for retirement 07-24-17
The last thing many young people want to do with their paychecks is sacrifice part of them for a retirement account, even though tiny contributions made at an early age are all but guaranteed to multiply many times as the years go by.
Gail MarksJarvis: Savvy saving: 4 ways to snag the highest interest rates 07-24-17
At long last, banks are becoming a little more generous with savers. But the emphasis here is on "a little." If you have been looking around for higher interest rates, youíll be able to find an appetizer now, but not a feast.
The safe haven of bonds made riskier by ETFs 07-24-17
Bonds have always appealed to conservative investors looking for a safe place to park money while receiving a steady and predictable return.
Late car payments drive rise in fixed-loan delinquencies 07-24-17
The prices of new and used cars keep rising every year, which means consumers are borrowing more to make the purchases ó and the monthly payments for cars and car-related expenses are squeezing many households budgets to the maximum.
More investors looking beyond US borders, as other markets rise 07-17-17
PITTSBURGH ó There really is no place like home and many investors tend to keep their investment strategies heavily weighted toward U.S. company stocks. Something that falls within their comfort zone feels like a safer bet.
Your credit score soon will get a buffer from medical-debt wrecks 07-17-17
For many consumers, an unexpected health care calamity can quickly burgeon into a financial calamity. 
FDIC lists 10 common frauds targeting consumers and ways to avoid falling for them 07-17-17
Scam artists have become increasingly sophisticated over the years, but remembering a few simple rules can be surprisingly effective at keeping your money safe.



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